Israel Firm "WaterSheer" Sends Emergency Equipment to Typhoon-Battered Taiwan


TAIPEI, TAIWAN — When Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in early August, causing massive landslides in the southern part of the country, Israel, as soon as the extent of the destruction was known, sent Israeli-made water-purification equipment and high-speed water transport equipment to Taiwan. The monster typhoon hit on August 8, causing widespread flooding in the south — […]

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Taga Hybrid Bike-Stroller and 8 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of August 16, 2009


During the week of August 16, 2009, researchers from Ben Gurion University began taking steps towards commercializing their cheaper method of reverse-osmosis desalination to clean dirty groundwater. GreenProphet covered Taga’s hybrid bicycle and baby stroller in one and Globes reported on plans to install solar energy systems at Ben Gurion Airport. For these stories and […]

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Green Building Takes Off in Turkey


The global ecologically friendly building trend is taking hold in Turkey as well, according to the English-language daily Hurriyet News and Economic Review. We’ve covered Turkey’s water agreements with Iraq, along with the country’s hard line against coastline development. Green construction in Turkey includes waste disposal systems, solar energy, and rainwater collection, Hurriyet reports:

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Praying for Rain in Jerusalem


Green Prophet’s Ilana Teitelbaum recently wrote an article about Israel’s water crisis at the Huffington Post. Rainstorms have been raging throughout Israel in the past week, after a warm and bone-dry winter. Winter, which is the only rainy season in the Middle East. There is no such thing as spring or summer rain, and in […]

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Rainless Winter Worsens Middle-East Strife, Garden of Eden Hardest Hit

What’s left of Iraq’s “Garden of Eden” Marshes The Middle Eastern winter has never been more pleasant, bringing us day after day of perfect blue skies, comfortable temperatures, light winds and crisp, clear views.  “What more could you ask for?” must think the residents of Western Europe and North America, who are being pounded by […]

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Drought in Jordan Calls People to Pray for Rain and the Controversial Dead-Red Peace Canal


(A map of Jordan and the surrounding region highlighting the Disi Aquifer and the proposed Red-Dead project.) With worrying frost alerts in Jordan getting farmers anxious, Jordanians are also seeing a rainless season this year, increasing their fears that crops will collapse. Last week, officials had been calling on its citizens to pray for rain, […]

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Winter Gas Savings


Cold is on its way in, as tends to happen this time of year, and along with it different driving conditions. Rain and snow seriously inhibit a car’s performance and with it the mileage. Here are a several tips to help you save for these upcoming months: Tune up! Make sure that everything is in […]

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