N-Viro International Smells Lucrative Sewage Sludge in the Center of Israel

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Dan region’s sewage sludge smells like an appetizing business venture for N-Viro International.

The Ohio-based environmental and materials operating company, which pioneered the conversion of sewage sludge  into commercial soil fertility products, is expected to open a new N-Viro Soil manufacturing facility to serve Israel’s Greater Tel Aviv region by the end of this year.

“We are extremely excited the Israel project is under construction,” said Timothy Kasmoch, CEO and President of N-Viro International. The new facility was established in conjunction with Israeli partners CRM Military and Civilian Technologies, and will be owned and operated under a license granted by Shafdan-the local utility provider in the Dan region.

N-Viro Soil is produced by stabilizing and pasteurizing wastewater sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This process is claimed to reduce odors, neutralize and/or immobilize toxic components. The recycled end product has a real market value; it can be sold for a variety of commercial uses, including as a bio-organic/mineral fertilizer, a landfill cover material, and for land reclamation projects.

toledo_pulse n viro solutions polluted land israel photoAccording to Kasmoch, the new Israeli venture will enforce “our commitment to expand our technologies…and serves as initial steps in developing our international footprint.”  Additionally, N-Viro International has recently introduced N-Viro Fuel. This fuel, with characteristics similar to coal, is also produced by recycling municipal sewage sludge into an alternative energy fuel.

Recycling and other alternative disposal options of sewage sludge stories we’ve reported on Green Prophet have been highly controversial due to the very nature of the material, and by the lack of federal or state enforcement policies.  

In America, N-Viro Soil is not currently subject to any federal regulations or restrictions. Financial details and future national environmental policies regarding the project remain disclosed at this time.

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