Tel Aviv's Artists' Market Offers Good Green "News" On Desy's Newspaper Designs


Strolling through the Nachalat Binyamin artist market in Tel Aviv, there are signs of recycling and eco friendly design all around. Old glass bottles are turned into clocks, kitchen objects are converted into sculptures, and recycled paper becomes creative stationary.

These are just a few of the creations that fill the artist market that runs for several blocks on Tuesdays and Fridays next to the Carmel Market.

Passing by a shaded booth filled with colorful baskets, picture frames, pencil holders, lampshades, and many creative designs, I noticed that everything was made from newspaper.

Appreciating the artist’s ability to turn old newspapers into nice artwork, I was curious to find out more about the artist and her eco friendly approach.

Desy (pictured above), has been making newspaper art for the past ten years, and has been coming to the artist market in Tel Aviv every week for the last several years.

Since many people have old newspapers around that they are trying to get rid of, Desy started to collect the newspaper and perfect her trade of rolling the papers up, weaving them together into handy items, and varnishing them with bright colors.

When I asked her where she got all of the newspapers she replied, “my neighbors know that I make art with the old newspapers and they come by and give them to me.”

Desy doesn’t just use any newspaper to make her crafts, she told me that, “I try to only use the good news in my work, so that each piece is filled with good.”

A number of young and green Israeli designers got their head start at the market (see website in Hebrew). Among them are Amit Brilliant’s recycled wallets, and Guy Lougashi’s basketware.

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  1. Harry says:

    Love her work. We have a lighting fixture of her work on our staircase. Though no one notices that it is made from newspaper since it’s above their heads. You have to look really close to notice.

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