HCL CleanTech’s Cleaner Approach to Cellulosic Ethanol Production


Cellulosic ethanol has often been viewed as the class of ethanol with the most promise, as it converts agriculture and forestry wastes, city sewage treatment wastes, and free growing and specially grown grasses, into usable fuel. While cellulosic ethanol has the advantage of using a variety of materials that would otherwise be waste products, the […]

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A Birthright That Turns Green


Coming to Israel for the first time is now becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only does Taglit-Birthright still offer a free 10-day trip for Jewish 18 to 26 year olds, but now each trip incorporates at least one environmental awareness aspect, and some newer tracks are even environmentally centered. Taglit Birthright Israel first started in […]

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Dye-ing To Power Solar Cells in Africa


With many types of solar technology in development, it can be challenging to determine which is most effective. The efficiently in which a solar cell can convert sunlight into usable energy is certainly crucial, but cost is also of great importance in today’s solar industry. Technology like dye-sensitized solar cells offer a new, more affordable […]

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