Live Like A Bedouin and Save Water at Chan HaShayarot

(A bird’s eye view of Chan HaShayarot) We’ve already learned about immersion Arabic in a solar Bedouin village in Israel. Here’s another eco-tourism stop: located in the Negev, just south of Sde Boker, the Chan HaShayarot provides guests with a true Bedouin experience including camel rides, Bedouin food, and the option of sleeping in a […]


How Terra Venture Partners Accelerate Clean Technology

There are numerous start-up companies in Israel today, but finding investors to fund the new technology is often a challenge. In the field of Greentech, Terra Venture Partners (TVC) has made it their objective to fund and invest in promising seed and early-stage start-ups led by top entrepreneurs in energy, water and other environmental sectors. […]


Israel Ramps Up Desalination Facilities in Hadera

The desalination of water will be expanding in Israel in order to cope with the current water shortage, according to Globes. Last week, the Ministry of Finance signed an agreement for financing the expansion of the Hadera desalination plant by 27 million cubic meters per year. Not only will the plant be producing 127 million […]


A Birthright That Turns Green

Coming to Israel for the first time is now becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only does Taglit-Birthright still offer a free 10-day trip for Jewish 18 to 26 year olds, but now each trip incorporates at least one environmental awareness aspect, and some newer tracks are even environmentally centered. Taglit Birthright Israel first started in […]


Dye-ing To Power Solar Cells in Africa

With many types of solar technology in development, it can be challenging to determine which is most effective. The efficiently in which a solar cell can convert sunlight into usable energy is certainly crucial, but cost is also of great importance in today’s solar industry. Technology like dye-sensitized solar cells offer a new, more affordable […]