Zero S Motorbike Gives "Electric" Thrills In Cities and Sand Dunes

zero-s-bike-photo electric motor bike sand dunes
(Zero S electric road bike goes from 0 to 50 km/hr in just 2 seconds, and can maintain speed for 2 hours on single charge).

It looks like an ordinary street or dirt bike when you used it or load it onto your pickup truck to transport it to a track (go to this website to check out an award-winning loading ramp for your bikes), but in actuality it’s a very  different set of wheels.

The Zero S totally electric motorbike may help solve our desire for clean, environmentally friendly transportation in the Middle East.

And the region’s climate is perfect for it. Despite the occasional sandstorm, the low precipitating rates and warm climates make the Zero road bike ideal for congested cities, though your mother might not like the idea.

Developed in California in the USA, where environmental transportation problems have been around for years, due to congestion and smog, the Zero, a product of Zero Motorcycles Inc, Santa Cruz Ca, is also one of the lightest two wheelers around.

The qualities of this motorbike which can get you around for up to two hours at 50 km/hr, has attracted the attention of the Vesta Group, a leader in environmentally friendly transportation solutions in both the Middle East and Africa.

zero-x zero x s dubai sand dune bike photo
(Off road Zero X.)

Located in Dubai, Vesta Group’s CEO Steven Brown-Cestero says that “the writing’s on the wall for ordinary gasoline motorcycles” as this new entry into the transportation field can reach a top speed of 95 km/hr and reach 50 k/hr per only two seconds!

What’s more, the total weight for the bike’s 300 parts is only 140 pounds (68 kgm), including the specially designed battery, which its makers say is 100% recyclable.

The low weight of either the X dirt bike or S street bike frame is due to their being manufactured of specially designed aircraft aluminum.

And being totally electric, the bike will run for pennies due to the very low electricity rates in the UAE. Those interested in simply a low cost transportation solution will like the S street bike as it can get them around for hours on one charge.

The X dirt bike, will zip riders up and down sand dunes and hills on an engine that delivers 50 ft pounds of torque – enough to satisfy any weekend dirt-biker. And it also comes with fully adjustable suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

The new motorbike may be an environmental godsend for large cities with high air pollution problems, such as Cairo, Egypt and Bangkok, Thailand. And perhaps the same technology can also be incorporated into an electric car that is both light weight as well as non-polluting.

How does the new Zero S drive? Read a review on Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Hey, and if there is already an X Bike, why not an X-Car?



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