Noi Positive Food is Tel Aviv's Newest Positively Organic Bistro

noi organic cafe tel avivWhen it comes to organic and environmentally conscious dining, Tel Aviv definitely has a reputation for getting with the program.  The white city (which is currently celebrating its 100th year) already has a vegan burger joint, organic hummus, organic falafel, organic coffee shops, and an environmentally friendly food festival.

We realize that dining out has its negative environmental effects, but for those moderate environmentalists out there – or for non-environmentalists who want better tasting food and a little bit of a cleaner conscience – its good that these places are sprouting up.  A moderate alternative is better than no alternative at all.

Joining the list of eco-healthy eating in Tel Aviv is Noi Positive Food near Rabin Square.  Located on tree lined, beautiful Sderot Chen (Chen Boulevard), Noi offers a relaxed atmosphere for busy Tel Aviv urbanites to slow down, enjoy some slow food, and take advantage of the shade.

While the menu is not completely vegetarian, there are lots of veggie options and the meat items are free range.  Eggs are also free range and organic, and whipped up into delicious sounding herb omelettes and Balkan cheese shakshukas.  Noi’s ingredients are preservative-free, and they also insist on slow, light cooking which is healthier for eaters and healthier for the environment.

organic restaurant tel avivUnique items on the menu include kohlrabi and pecorino cheese frittata, sabich kisch, and for dessert, a sugarless halva flan.  They also make their own whole wheat fettucini.

With any luck, we can get the Pope to enjoy some of Tel Aviv’s organic food offerings next week in addition to fixing the pollution in the Jordan River.

Noi Positive Food, 59 Sderot Chen, Tel Aviv (03-5240642) (Check out Noi’s website for a free coupon.)

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