Jordan Real Estate Conference Stresses Green Construction Methods To Arab World

sanaya-amman green building Jordan
“Jordan needs to develop sustainable or ‘green’ construction practices based on traditional concepts with modern material and practices,” said Jordan’s Princess Sumaya, president of the Royal Scientific Society, at the opening of the two day Think Green 2 in Real Estate Development Conference in Amman on Tuesday, May 26.

The country has started with its groundbreaking on its 50 story LEEDS certified skyscraper, the Samaya Amman.

The conference was attended by corporate delegates from a number of Arab countries, as well as architects, contractors, designers, environmentalists was hosted for the purpose of promoting the use of more efficient and environmental friendly building construction methods, over more conventional ones used in Jordan and elsewhere up to now.

The Princess noted that environmentally “green” construction and design methods created a style of living that becomes second nature and does not have to be practiced in a conscious manner. “In this manner environmental or green concepts can become possible as well as affordable for everyone.”

Another participant, Minister of Public Works and Housing Alaa Batayneh, told the delegates that the sustainability has evolved as a result of a partnership between the government and the real estate developers. Environmentally friendly construction included electricity installations, gas piping, use of thermal insulation, and more energy efficient building methods.

The Public Works Minister said that a special “green building” manual is been worked on and will be available by the middle of 2010.

In addition, a special committee is being formulated to incorporate green building techniques and designs into construction by the middle of 2010.

He continued by saying that the specially designed buildings reduce energy consumption, and save on water costs and carbon emissions.

Building practices used in many Middle Eastern countries include the use of sand, concrete, and other building materials, many of which have not changed for centuries.

In addition to introducing more energy and environmental friendly construction practices, the conference organizers hope that new construction practices will reduce the need for non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels.

Jordan has an acute water shortage and has to import nearly all of its energy. The use of renewable energy such as solar and wind energy will also be less damaging to the local environment, especially due to a 50% greater energy demand over the next 20 years,” Princess Sumaya said.

The conference featured presentations and panel discussions by expert speakers with numerous case studies, interactive dialogue and networking opportunities among the participants.


The image above is a sketch of Jordan’s first green building, the Sanaya Amman, to be the tallest building in Jordan.

Press release on the Sanaya Amman

Nearly 225,000 cubic meters of earth has been excavated to make way for Sanaya Amman, Limitless’ US$300 million, 200 meter-plus twin tower residential project which broke ground in Jordan in July 2008.

Excavation at the site has created a hole 124 metres long and 74 metres wide, plunging more than 40 metres below street level at its deepest. The work is almost 70 per cent complete, with 1,800 cubic metres of earth being moved each day. In total, nearly 300,000 cubic metres will be dug, with excavation set for completion by mid-2009.

Limitless is cementing its commitment to Jordan with the diamond sponsorship – for the second consecutive year – of PropertyLink, Jordan’s biggest international real estate exhibition, where it will showcase Sanaya Amman, set to be the tallest buildings in the country. The 2009 event takes place in Amman from 10-13 May.

Bahaa Abouhatab, Limitless Regional Director, Levant and Turkey, said: “Sanaya Amman sets new standards in creative architecture and sustainability: a landmark destination that combines daring design with eco-friendly systems that will make them the first green buildings in Jordan.

“The development will use wind-generated power and water recycling systems that will cut consumption by 30%. These, combined with energy-efficient glass, sensor lights, central air conditioning and waste management systems, will cut costs by an estimated US$2 million each year.”

Sanaya Amman will be more than 50 storeys high, with around 500 apartments, and will have over 10,400 square metres of retail and recreation space; 5,600 square metres of green, open space, including a landscaped park; and a 1,000 square metre outdoor communal plaza. For more information on Sanaya Amman visit the company’s website.

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