Green Your Mitzvahs for the Jewish Holiday of Purim

purim-schpielPurim, the Jewish holiday coming up this week, is a time for Jews to cut loose.

Some people will drink until there is no tomorrow (until you have no idea of how drunk you really are).

A lot of people forget that there are to-do mitzvahs associated with the Purim holiday. Green Prophet decided to put together a small resource guide to give you some greener ideas for your Purim celebrations.

Let’s start with the basic mitzvahs.

They are:

1. The Reading of the Megillah (Mikra Megillah)
2. The Festive Purim Meal (Seudat Purim)
3. Sending Gifts (Mishloach Manot)
4. Gifts to the poor (Matanot l’Evyonim)

Megillah Reading
It’s permitted to work and drive on Purim, but how about you go to your friend’s house or synagogue by foot to read the Megillah? There is also the bus.

Also, we suggest if you are going to buy your own Book of Esther, consider buying one at a second-hand shop. I have one from the early 1900s, and it is simply a pleasure to read, because it looks and feels like it is from an ancient time, like the story of Queen Esther.

Festive Meal
Organic and fair trade food is a plenty over here in Israel. Consider a pot luck with some of your friends, or vegewarianism, proposed by Green Prophet’s Daniella. And while plastic dishes seem like the way too convenient way to go, please try and use real dishes that you can wash.

Getting Drunk:
While the getting drunk aspect of Purim is a custom and not obligatory, if you’re going to drink, you might as well do it in a sustainable manner. How about buying beer from the Dancing Camel brewery in Tel Aviv?

How about organic wine? Because after all, wine is supposed to be best.

Sending Gifts
Reusable baskets, but not the cheap plastic kind that everybody throws out, are a good vehicle for sending your gifts, traditionally ready-to-eat foodstuffs. Now is your chance to practice baking some of the recipes that Hamutal has provided for us. (It’s recommended to give 2 food items to at least 2 different people.)

Recipe Ideas:
Winter Applesauce Muffins
Make Biscuits With All That Whey
A Tomato Confit Recipe

Try some more ideas on eco-friendly baskets from the Jew and the Carrot. Or Loli Organic Sweets.

Gifts to the poor:
This basic mitzvah is sustainable by design. You can give money to a local food charity, to your synagogue or directly to a person in need. It’s advised to give to 2 or more people before Purim.

More Purim Resources:
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  1. loverevolver4 says:

    I find many people confuse the Purim with the sabbath and forget to show their respects and do mitzvahs. It’s a real shame because it is an important part of our religion and one we are all thankful for but it needs more respect from many young jews.

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