Jordan Launches EDAMA Intiative on Energy Independence, Water Conservation

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Fresh on the heels of Israel, Egypt, and the UAE, who have all recently made commitments for a renewable energy future, Jordan recently launched EDAMA,  an initiative to help Jordan reduce energy demand, water usage, and protect the environment.

EDAMA Chairperson Karim Kawar indicates that Jordan is using its energy and water resources in an economically and environmentally unsustainable manner.  Jordan imports as much as 96 percent of its energy, he says, which equaled 20% of the country’s GDP and 24 percent of its total imports in 2007. 

Much of this energy comes from dirty-burning oil, so Jordan produces  13.4 million tons of greenhouse gases just from its energy sector.

Kawar also indicates that Jordan is consuming water from its aquifers at twice the renewable rate.

The EDAMA initiative intends to respond to these challenges by developing a comprehensive strategy “that streamlines efforts towards effective energy sector performance, increases private sector participation and investment and reduces the environmental impact of energy and water use.”

To draw their plan, the initiative will involve Jordanian and international experts from both the private and public sectors.

“Our ultimate objective is to develop Jordan as a model for energy independence by using renewable sources, which has a direct impact on our country’s long-term economic competitiveness, water resources and environment,” Kawar said.

EDAMA is supported by USAID, whose Mission Director Jay Knott commented that increased energy, water, an environment productivity will also provide opportunities for growth and investment that benefit Jordan’s entire economy.

The EDAMA team hopes to have their strategy completed by June.

For more information, check out EDAMA’s spiffy new website!

:: Jordan Times

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