Support Bedouin treeplanting and Green education with a Tel Aviv shakedown!

bustan-partyOur resourceful friends at the Bedouin NGO Bustan are refusing to allow the current tension in the South of Israel affect them.

Despite having to cancel some tree planting dates due to the war and the related school closures, they have upped sticks to Tel Aviv and are organising a benefit evening this coming wednesday 21st January at the Saluna bar (17 Tirza Street, Jaffa) to raise funds for future tree planting within the Bedouin communities, and other green education activities.

Bustan are a tremendous NGO, whose commitment to the Bedouin community of the south has been unwavering. Bustan are often the first to highlight a problem within the community, and then focus their strong local and International resources upon it, always coming up with lasting positive solutions.

Examples of this include a straw bale health clinic in the unrecognised village of Wadi Na’am, and a straw bale mosque in the same village (sadly recently demolished), the solar power project which helps sick children in a number of villages power medical equipment that they otherwise would be denied, help to create a wonderful desert herb farm in Tel Sheva, and the tree planting initiatives amongst a whole range of help they offer Individuals and communities in general.

So we urge you to get out on the night, have a great night out in Tel Aviv/Jaffa, dance and shake your green booty to the sounds of Ran Cohen, Taani Ester, Lo Dubim, and Aliza Hava, and put some money in great green education projects, courtesy of Bustan!

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