EasyBike Makes it Easy to be Green

easybike green transportation israelAs far as air pollution and carbon emissions go, transportation is usually a pretty major offender.  Ranging from airplane transportation (which is the worst) to your run-of-the-mill daily transport via automobiles, transportation has a big negative impact on the environment and is, unfortunately, one of the most difficult habits to change since it’s so integral to people’s everyday routines.

Here on Green Prophet we’ve featured a number of posts about various types of transportation and green transportation initiatives, ranging from Public Transportation Day 2008 to the potential “greening” of Ben Gurion Airport to the Tel Aviv Light Rail and many, many more.  Thankfully, for as many transportation problems that we’ve covered, we’ve been able to feature almost as many creative solutions.  And they just keep on coming.

EasyBike, an Israeli company currently selling 4 versions of a “bikeboard” (a combination bike/scooter/electric vehicle), is one such solution which is most suitable for urbanites.  As a portable, electric powered vehicle, it makes urban transportation more environmentally friendly, cheaper overall, and (as this clip shows) suitable for even suit-wearing business people:


The 2 lithium batteries attached to this “bikeboard” can last for up to 60 kilometers and only requires a few hours to be charged.  While this is not as ideal as a human powered bike, it is still a good alternative to personal automobiles.  It is also a more practical solution for people who would like to find a more environmentally friendly way of getting to work without getting all sweaty from riding a bicycle. 

An additional green aspect of the bikeboard is that it recycles the energy created when breaking (similarly to hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius and to the technology now being used on New York City subways).  The bikeboards can travel at speeds up to 35 kilometers per hour and do not require any special license or insurance, making them easy to pick up right away! 

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