Iran Going Nuclear in Joint Nuclear Power Plant Venture with Neighbors

iran, nuclear, oil imageAs a source of alternative energy, some people believe that nuclear power is extremely powerful and can be a fantastic green solution to the energy problem. There are several hazards involved though:

Purifying the uranium needed to generate the energy is extremely dangerous, and if the waste is not taken care of properly it can be more hazardous to the environment than what would be saved from the use of the “clean” energy.

Another problem is that the purification of the uranium is the same process one needs to go through for the production of warhead grade uranium. Basically, if you are building a power-plant you can slip by a few nukes while you’re at it.

But all that aside, Iran still has announced that they are planning to replace their oil fueled power stations with nuclear reactors. One would think that Iran actually wants the United Nations Security Council breathing down its neck.

Source: Teheran Times

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