Save Your Etrog!

With the holiday of Sukkot midway through now is the time to start thinking about what to do with your four species when the holiday is out. I would suggest composting the leaves. I know this is controversial, since they were used for a mitzva, but considering that usually they are thrown onto the ark and left to dry out and give asthma attacks to the pollen-sensitive members of the synagogue, composting begins to sound more respectful. Some people use the leaves as starter for the burning of the hometz before passover.

The Etrog (citron), ahhh, that is a different story. I’ve seen several wonderful uses for the etrog…

  • Keep it in your clothes closet. As it slowly dries out it releases a wonderful smell and will make everything smell nice.
  • Some people take an afternoon and push cloves into it, covering the entire etrog. They then use the finished product for havdala. If you opt to do this, make sure you do so in one sitting since the etrog will dry out very quickly and you will not be able to continue later.
  • Make Etrog Jam!
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3 thoughts on “Save Your Etrog!”

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  2. Thanks! i’m no compost expert and i’m glad that you’re making sure that i get it right!

  3. james says:

    Jack – I won’t reccomend composting the leaves, as most citrus in the compost repells worms & the other bacteria that breaks down the matter. As a compost perfectionist, I would reccomend folk keep a seperate citrus bucket, where all citrus can break down, then the slimy mulch can be added to the compost later…when the tart citrus is no more!

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