SafeCell Educates and Protects Against Cell Phone Radiation

safecell esti allina-turnauer photoIsrael has the highest per capita cell phone use in the world at 2.2 cell phones per person. Israeli children, teens and young adults are among the most active users. This presents a huge, urgent health crisis in the making as more research proves the health risks of cell phone radiation.

SafeCell Ltd., is an Israeli company started by a natural health professional, Esti Allina-Turnauer to educate the public about this pandemic-in-the-making, while offering solutions to reduce the potential health damage.

Electromagnetic pollution and cell phone microwaves are an invisible yet very harmful new form of environmental pollution, that affects every life form on the planet. Please visit our site for more information. SafeCell’s mission is to get every man, woman, and child in Israel – and beyond – protected from cell phone radiation and EMF.


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5 thoughts on “SafeCell Educates and Protects Against Cell Phone Radiation”

  1. MALRA”Z, The Public Council for the Prevention of Noise and Air Pollution in Israel, conducts FREE measurements of cellular and electromagnetic radiation for any member of the public.

    They are based in Tel Aviv, and can be reached at:
    Phone 03-5250038 or 03-5250038
    Fax 03-5250037
    [email protected]

    They will be able to come in and measure the cellular radiation levels in your homes, and might also be able to advise or assist you.

  2. Dear Dove,

    Please take pictures, and tell us your story as it happened. We will post it for you here on Green Prophet.

  3. Dove Brook says:

    Cellcom and Pelephone did not get anyone’s consent before polluting our living spaces. We suffer since Rosh Hashana from headache, sleep disturbance, discomfort, loss of memory, dizziness, and loss of appetite. Our community is suffering,. Our children and us, are vulnerable to radiation emitted by this base station. The community is furious, and before someone might or will take the law to his own hands, I recommend that you will show up and guide us to a healthy and civilized solution to the problem we are facing. This based station is operating since Rosh Hashana, and becam public info after Peshach, residents are in risk and getting sick, complaining from the above symptoms.

    Please contact me urgently

    Thanks Dove Brook 050-2331-770

  4. Dove Brook says:

    Celcme and Pelephone rented an apartment in our community and installed equipments and antennas next door in a rather congested dwelling units, full of families and many children , we need media attention and help to get this monsters out of our community

    Thanks Dove Brook 050-2331-770

  5. Julia says:

    Too bad your website is not in English.
    Just today I was amazed that as I brought my daughter to her first day at kita aleph there were little children (five or six years old) talking on cellphones before the class.

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