Green Profits – Cleantech Israel on the Up and Up!

Image Credit: Chop1n

Israel seems to fall into the thick of the boom, and I’m not talking terror. With the tech boom, we were on the forefront. Now with the world-wide eco-conscience growing, Israel is one of the forerunners of exciting new markets opening up – all of them working to make our planet a better place for us all.

Last week Green Prophet interviewed Eyal Hadas, managing director and head of renewable energy at Cukierman & Co. Investment House Ltd. You may have browsed through our Solar Energy Co. Guide. Due to popular demand we have decided to run with the idea and this week we are proud to announce our Cleantech directory: Green Profits.

As you can see there are plenty of great ideas out there churning. If you’re an entrepeneur looking for an angel we have some great pick-up lines for you. If you are in the field already and can’t find your company on our list, we are still filling out the ranks, please submit your company. We don’t want to leave anyone out!

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