Don't Under-Estimate the Quarter

Recycling cans and bottles can be annoying: they clutter up your home, they smell if you don’t wash them out.

But a little bit can go a long way… The average American drinks 216 liters of soft drinks each year. In soda cans that the equivalent of 648 cans a year. If you would cash those in at 25 cents a can you would get $162… Still sounds like something to scoff at?

If you don’t feel like recycling check out other ways in which you can reuse your cans…

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One thought on “Don't Under-Estimate the Quarter”

  1. Maskil says:

    The Collect-a-Can initiative has been running in South Africa for about 15 years. One of the most successful aspects of the initiative has been the involvement of youth, who collect on behalf of their schools (particularly those in underprivileged communities). A win for the environment and those involved!

    Collect a Can

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