EcoMum on Swim Nappies and Diapers for Baby

baby diapers napkin swimming pool nappiesSummer is here, the pools are open and the sea is beckoning. Let’s pack our bags get our swimsuits and go for a swim. Going to the pool or beach with your little ones can be great fun, a fabulous way to cool down and relax with the kids and helps build their confidence in the water.

So when you go swimming with your baby you will need a swim nappy, no pool is going to be happy about donations our little ones my feel free about giving. Even at the beach it is recommended that baby wear a nappy.

At the pool recently I was confronted by the disposable swim nappy, this little horror is not a pleasant site, I couldn’t help but compare my daughter with the child next to her, she was wearing a reusable swim nappy which looked lightweight and comfortable to the baby next to her who looked like they were being dragged down by half the pool water that their nappy had absorbed. For anyone that thinks going green is expensive disposable swim nappies are the biggest waste off money around and oh, so bad for the environment!

So what are our options for a green day at the pool or beach.

There are two options available, the disposable which is specially designed for the water, which apparently is not meant to absorb half the pool, but the evidence before my eyes says differently, babies waddling around with water swollen nappies between their legs does not look like fun.

baby diapers for the pool swimming nappiesThe second option of course is the reuseable swim nappy, now for all you sceptics about being greener out there, this option is a big money saver as well as a big perk for the environment. You can do the math on this one, cost of one reuseable swim nappy for the whole summer, even year (they all come with adjustable sizing) compared to the cost of buying numerous packets of disposables.

So how does the reuseable work; they are usually made from soft bathing suit fabric, which is stretchy and comfortable to wear, some have nylon layers to keep everything inside, others are made with a mesh liner that lets fluids out but catches the solids, both are quick and easy to change and clean.

motherease nappies diapers are good for the pool pictureMotherease and Kushies swim nappies are available here in Israel, you can find them at Baby Teva in Tel Aviv and Haifa and for those who buy online you can find Motherease at Tinok Yarok who also stock these handy waterproof wet bags designed for carrying wet nappies and ideal for wet swimsuits too. Kushies are available at Siach HaTeva.

Nappy News: Bambino Mio in Israel; Bambino Mio provides a complete cloth nappy system from birth to potty training, based on a prefold system including cotton nappies, cover, liners and a swim nappy. For a list retailers go to PupikBaby.

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::Tinok Yarok

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