Green Your Job: Greenpeace Tel Aviv is Hiring!

green job environmentAre you tired of seeing all the waste at work? The unnecessary printing, photocopying, computers left on all night, styrofoam cups, wasted electricity? Oh, the horrors! Ready to work in a greener environment?

Well, if you’re based in Tel Aviv or Istanbul, Greenpeace is hiring. And they want you.

Greenpeace is looking for a Regional New Media Coordinator to help change the world by managing their website and online campaigns.

environmental green officeThe job includes green responsibilities such as: working with the senior communications officer; updating, maintaining, and developing Greenpeace’s Mediterranean region websites; acting as Project Leader and Editor for the regional printed newsletter; leading the operations of the New Media Unit; working with other departments.

Interesting, challenging, and green. And for those of you who can’t afford to save the world for free, with Greenpeace you can be green while making green.

If your job is green enough already, though, then you might want to get involved in one of Greenpeace’s cool campaigns: Peaceful Energy, Defending Our Mediterranean, Nuclear Free Middle East, and Say No to Genetic Engineering.

And for those of who like their workplaces but just wish they were a little greener, check out Treehugger‘s great tips for pimping… I mean, greening your office.

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4 thoughts on “Green Your Job: Greenpeace Tel Aviv is Hiring!”

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  3. Rachel Weiss says:

    They are a bit radical for my taste….

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t know what Greenpeace’s Tel Aviv place is like, but their UK office in London is amazing – a former animal experiment laboratory, turned eco-activist HQ…

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