Waste Not, Want Not: Doron Sar-Shalom Recycles With Style

doron sar-shalom lampIt’s one thing when designers take brand new ready-made materials and transform them into something else. It’s another thing entirely when designers take old ready-mades and reincarnate them in order to avoid waste.

Reincarnation is what Israeli designer Doron Sar-Shalom is all about.

His designs, which consist mainly of lamps, are constructed out of unlikely materials such as strainers, spatulas, cheese graters, water pitchers, and plastic jerry cans. One of the main guidelines that Sar-Shalom follows when working is to avoid wasting materials and use whatever is available.water pitcher lamp

It’s easy to repurpose pretty materials and turn them into something else, but it takes real creativity to make a spatula look sculptural and avoid having it end up in a landfill.

jerry can lampSar-Shalom’s creativity is inspired by his previous design studies in Italy and a desire to create clever designs that combined aesthetics with environmental concerns, and functionality with beauty.

His creations are sold in design stories all over Israel, including the Bauhaus Center Shop in Tel Aviv (a store that features lots of environmentally conscious designers, such as Abu YoYo and Paper Work). His pieces are also available on Israeli design website, Artlook.

Check out more Israeli designers with an environmental edge here:: Bag It Up: Inbal Limor Recycles Plastic Bags Into High Art and Israeli Design PSA: Recycle and Recr(e)ate for Your Home with Lool82

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12 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not: Doron Sar-Shalom Recycles With Style”

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  8. Ricarda says:

    Doron’s work is connecting generations 😉 Everybody loves it – everybody wants it.

    Greetings from Thailand 😉

  9. Nelly says:

    Doron Sar Shalom – his designs are FUN and FUNctional!

    I absolutely love his products and have bought many of them.

    Nelly from New York

  10. Julia says:

    The designer Doron Sar-Shalom shows that it’s possible to combine it all: aesthetics, environmental awareness and a good sense of humour – very nice!

  11. Dalia says:

    I love Sar shalom’s products and enjoy very much two of his products at my house. they are not only beutiful and green, they are also very practical. I also love the humor and creativity in the names he gives his products.

  12. erfat says:

    Doron sar shalom original & beautiful designs makes the world abetter place

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