Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Jordan

Between all of the eco guesthouses popping up and the Israeli Tourism Ministry trying to go green by 2009, there’s no absence of environmentally friendly vacation options in Israel (hint hint, to all those out-of-towners planning their summer vacations in Israel).

But what’s a green tourist in the Middle East to do outside of Israel? Well, he or she she doesn’t have to look much further than right next door (so to speak). In Jordan.

There are lots of great eco-tourism options available in Jordan – ranging from tour companies that specialize in green adventures to environmentally friendly housing options.

Here are some of our favorites:

Terhaal Eco Adventure: Terhaal offers a variety of adventures with a focus on outdoor activities. Rappelling, snorkeling, camping, camel trekking… you name it, they got it. You can choose from a list of trips that they offer, or they’ll tailor a trip to what you want to see.

Baobab: Alternative Roots to Travel: This tour company offers eco tours all over the Middle East and Africa, with some unique options in Jordan. You can check out some of their cultural tours or have them take you around some of Jordan’s nature reserves.

feynan lodge jordanFeynan Lodge: Developed by Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, this eco lodge is in the middle of the Dana nature reserve.

The lodge itself is built entirely out of local materials with traditional methods. It also incorporates green technologies such as solar power and they try to stick to candle light at night to save electricity.

Very green and very romantic.

Happy trails!

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  1. James says:

    hi Karen – there is also the wonderful Taybet Zayman eco resort near Petra… it was set up by an International hotel chain years ago, and is now run by the Jordanian Govt: its a little shabby, and its eco credentials aren’t terribly clear (I tried to interview the manager about this when we stayed there, but he was shy of talking to foreign media), but they use some organic products & local food, support local crafts, and its not in the heart of the tourist mecca that Petra has become…well worth a trip to this most magical of places!

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