Israeli Design PSA: Recycle and Recr(e)ate for Your Home with Lool 82

Though I’ve been busy with my mom visiting, I haven’t forgotten the fun at last weekend’s HaSalon Israeli designer home accessories fair in Tel Aviv. And that’s because one of these supergreat industrial crate benches is now in my living room.


Lool 82 is an Israeli design collective that creates funky home accessories from benches and end tables to wall hangings to stuffed animals. All bear impeccable attention to detail and a real sense of quality. To say these things can really hold is a double entendre: Not only do they hold real people sitting on them but open the lid and they can hold anything else – and hide it away. We bought a bright red one with a neato retro patterned cushion top – deep chocolate brown with golden flowers – to hide away some of the growing piles of toys and dolls in our living room. I also wanted to buy one of these but we’re maxed out on end side tables.


Lool 82 designer, Naty, who is responsible for designing the crates, customizes the cushions to order by color and fabric. But don’t let it good looks fool you, this is industrial meets design. The price is affordable for the masses – much like the crate’s history. The sturdy factory crate – repurposed simply and creatively – is the real star of the show. Old, factory or shipping standards now reinvented and rejuvenated in your home. The design challenge is environmentally friendly in nature and aesthetic: reuse, recycle and redesign for your life – and look super cool while doing it too.

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