A Sustainable Passover

sam barsky knits for passover

Sam Barsky knits matza sweaters for Passover

Spring is here at last which also means the festival of Passover (or Pessach in Hebrew) is soon upon us. Many Jewish festivals represent an opportunity to reflect on our ecological and ethical footprints and this is especially true on Pessach when our thoughts fall on the issues of our food, freedom and those who have none to take for granted.

With this in mind, our friends at Hazon, a Jewish community group that reveres sustainability in the United States, have put together a set of Healthy and Sustainable Passover Resources which include tips on everything from disposing your hametz to how to green your seder, including shopping for local, organic and Fairtrade ingredients as well as welfare-friendly meat and eggs.

“Pesach offers a perfect opportunity to combine the wisdom of a traditional Jewish holiday with our contemporary desire to live healthily and sustainable in our world. For example, some families put an orange or olive on their seder plate to recognize women’s rights and solidarity with Middle East peace,” say Hazon.

A Hazon’s Sustainable Passover Menu includes almond quinoa salad, matzah lasagna and chocolate dipped macaroons. Yum.

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