Weekly Prophecies: The Roundup

  • Check it out: A solution to all that trash.
  • Do the words “business” and “green” sound antithetical to you? Read on.
  • Now you can wear your favorite banner advertisement on your purse. Forever.
  • Claudia waxes rhapsodic about a new organic restaurant in Tel Aviv. It’s all about the buckwheat dumplings!
  • Here’s what we bet is news to you: Israel has enough water. According to one researcher, that is.
  • In more water news, China is turning to Israel to help solve their water crisis.
  • Ruthlessly uprooted art in the heart of Tel Aviv.
  • But to counter that, a green art initiative in Tel Aviv springs up on Rothschild Blvd.
  • Here’s something we bet you never heard growing up: Have a healthy, sustainable Purim!
  • The Ecomum points to all the chemicals that are bad for your baby, and offers some tips on how to avoid them.
  • The leisurely life is the good life: Karin’s vacation in Costa Rica is food for inspiration.
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