Green Building or Greenwashing in Kfar Saba?

kfar-saba-green-greenprophet.jpgSlowly, but surely Israel is catching on to the idea of green building. We are wondering if the Israeli-style new “green” building neighborhood set to take over 650 dunams of land in Kfar Saba is really as green as it boasts.

A while back we read about single-family homes to be built there (a la white picket fence middle America suburbia) replete with tree-lined neighbourhoods and recycling and compost compartments built into the kitchen. Although solar energy panels were mentioned, implementing green technologies and concepts does not necessarily green a building or neighborhood make.

Israel is too small to keep developing its open spaces. We’d like to see a movement happening, where more people are encouraged to go green in the city — by revamping old apartments into shiny new green abodes. Have any good ideas to make this happen?


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