Shopping Malls Go Green in Israel

This Israeli mall, Ir Yamim includes a round tank in foreground for rain or AC runoff water Mid East Green building projects like those in Abu Dhabi’s much publicized Masdar City,  green building construction plans for Saudi Arabia, and a newly completed green building in Amman Jordan are indications that a number of countries in […]


Deepest Wonder of the World About to Get Naked

“Israel is not a theocracy, it is a democracy. We want to create a work that would probably not happen anywhere else in the Middle East.” Spencer Tunick, photographer. If all goes according to Spencer Tunick’s plan, the Dead Sea will serve as the backdrop this Saturday September 17 for his next photographic installation: hundreds […]


Are “Sick Chicks” Poisoning Israel’s Ground Water?

Something afoul? 1.5 million sick chickens illegally buried Following last year’s mass poultry culling in the Tulkarem area of the West Bank, due to fears of  Avian Flu virus, it has been recently discovered that more than 1.5 chicken carcasses that were buried in northern Israel following a poultry epidemic are now feared to be […]


Stay at Villa Tehilah, Galilee Country Inn in Israel

My favorite place to stay in Israel is Villa Tehilah, Rosh Pina in the Galilee region of Israel. A beautifully restored, 120-year old property originally belonging to the Rothschild family, it has a magical atmosphere of private beauty and peace. I’ve been there with family, with friends, and alone. Others here on Green Prophet have […]


Ancient Caesarea Needs Every Grain of Sand

Is King Herod’s “City by the Sea” doomed once again? Man-made developments have put Caesarea at risk. The ancient sea port and other archeological sites in  the Israel coastal community of  Caesarea is being threatened by encroaching sea water due to a lack of natural sand, according to Zeev Margalit, Architect and Director of Conservation […]


Kazakh Yurts in an Organic Desert Garden

A little out of place, a yurt in the Israeli desert offers a neat eco-treat. Feeling jaded from all the holidays in this country, we decided to retreat to the desert for Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest). And this was no ordinary retreat: arriving into Moshav Dekel, in the Eshkol region of the Negev […]


Israeli Eco Tourism Welcomes the Yurt

If you don’t know what a yurt is, have no fear.  Most people don’t (including yours truly).  But yurts, with their portability, suitability for nature trips, and simple low-tech structures are highly suitable for eco-tourism – so they definitely deserve our attention.  And it certainly is exciting that yurts are entering the Israeli tourism scene. […]


Run the City Introduces a New Type of Israeli Eco Tourism

As the Green Prophet archives will tell you, Israel is no stranger to environmentally friendly tourism.  Not only is there a variety of ecologically minded guesthouses all of the country (including a vegetarian paradise in the Galilee), but the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has announced that it is going green.  Part of this initiative has […]


Israel is Growing Green Kindergartens

Last week in Haaretz, Naamah Lanski reported on the new green police in town. They’re about a meter tall, can’t read or write yet, and you better not throw away plastic bottles (or any other recyclables), leave lights on, or even pack lunches in plastic bags around them. That’s right. Israel’s kindergartens are going green. […]



If you’re out and about and you know that you will be sitting idle in your car for more than a minute, turn your motor off. It’s a great way to safe energy, gas and money. Those drops add up over time.


Weekly Prophecies: The Roundup

Check it out: A solution to all that trash. Do the words “business” and “green” sound antithetical to you? Read on. Now you can wear your favorite banner advertisement on your purse. Forever. Claudia waxes rhapsodic about a new organic restaurant in Tel Aviv. It’s all about the buckwheat dumplings! Here’s what we bet is […]