Ride a bike, Walk, Jog, or Run


 If you aren’t doing this already you’re probably saying: Are you out of your mind?! I can’t do that! Or perhaps: Yeah, I know I should, I will tomorrow. While tomorrow just becomes the next day…

It’s time to stop pushing this off. Make tomorrow today. If you don’t have time, make some, it’s for your health as well as your planet’s. If you are out of shape, this is your chance to get into shape. If it’s “not for you” ask yourself what about being healthy is “not you.”

By biking, walking jogging or running to get between short distances you are not only assuring your continuing health yourself but you are reducing carbon emissions.

What a wonderful way to GreenYourselfDaily.

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One thought on “Ride a bike, Walk, Jog, or Run”

  1. suckmydyke says:

    Work out. Don't pollute.

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