An Upcycled Cardboard Crib Lessens Impact of Nursery Madness

green cradle green prophet cardboard baby.jpgCardboard solutions upcycle wasted materials into portable cradle.

So being an ecomum, buying new furniture for my daughter is not really my style, but when something like an EcoCradle comes along I am seriously tempted and definitely recommend this as the eco-guilt-free solution for parents or grandparents who would like to buy new furniture. To make it even better this cardboard-sourced EcoCradle is blue and white brought to us by cardboard furniture company Green Lullaby (and another ecomum). It’s made from recycled cardboard and toxin-free fire-retardants.

When Ruti Keenan (an Israeli) became pregnant with her first child, she looked for a career change. Working with wood, she was exposed to dust and chemicals every day. It became a necessity for her to look for a healthier greener idea. She was inspired to become a leading innovative designer of children’s furniture made from recycled cardboard.

Do not misjudge and scoff at these designs, because they are truly amazing. Ruti invested a lot of time sourcing recycled cardboard from Amnir, a company with an excellent environmental record for recycling paper, even more for fire retardants which are considered green and non-toxic. Today the Israeli Standards Institute recognize her products. Hats off we say, you only have too look at the designs to fall in love.

The EcoCradle is ideal for baby’s first three months. Easily placed next to your bed for rocking and soothing, it is easy to put together, packs flat and reassembles easily (no tools required). We think this is great for visiting grandparents or friends because the bed just comes along too. And of course it is recyclable. Ahhh heaven.

Green Lullaby also make a very cool bench that offers storage too, a table (again with storage) and play boxes (gosh even more storage), which have passed all the kid tests, stood on, sat on, rolled around on and they are educational to boot. I am doubting that it can get any better.

You can find their products in Yelduti, Dyada and will soon be available at Tinok Yarok.

Prices start from around 200 NIS.

green prophet cardboard design.jpg Also visit Foldschool to find your own downloadable cardboard chair pattern that you can create with your kids.

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  1. charlotte says:

    Where do i purchase one of these from?

  2. When selecting baby furnitures, i always choose the brand with top of the line quality eventhough it costs more.’.;

  3. This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted 😉

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    Great stuff, this will help me out a lot. *Bookmarks for later* Thank YOU!

  5. Avi says:

    this is a cool idea, seems like they did a nice job (sleek website too)…. Please exaplain though, what did you mean by “toxin-free fire-retardants” – ?

    thanks 🙂

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