Neta In Wonderland (via Tel Aviv)

sock puppet

We bumped into Neta’s blog “bobilina” by accident and have been so charmed by her unique hand-made creations, often done with the help of recycled materials and socks (like the creature pictured above).

When we lived in Tel Aviv there was always such a bounty of neat fabrics – both at the pedestrian mall on Nachalat Binyamin where they sell end of the line high-quality fabrics for cheap, but there was also a lot of great material to be found on the streets, especially in the textile district in Florentine.

Not only does Neta make cuddly and charismatic sock puppets, she also makes slippers and dolls from recycled fabric, as well as purses from elegant vintage velvet that she’s found at Shuk ha Peeshpasheem in Jaffa.

We’ll be featuring more of Neta’s creations over here in the near future. In the meantime, a little more about Neta: “I create different kinds of dolls. My background is in fashion design, and my knowledge of sewing and pattern making led me to concentrate mostly on loth dolls. I have patterns that I use as basics for creating new dolls,” she says.

“I developed those patterns from the making of crochet dolls, and foam models. My crochet dolls donโ€™t have any pattern I design them while I am crocheting. Every doll get its own personality by unique details, like embroidery, textile design, fashion accessory etc.

At the moment I sell my dolls through stores in Tel Aviv, New Mexico and at the Internet site.

You can buy her stuff through Etsy, or go straight to her blog.


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4 thoughts on “Neta In Wonderland (via Tel Aviv)”

  1. Ziva says:

    Thanks for the introduction to these beautiful dolls, Karin! (and the heads up on my blog too ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re really works of art in themselves – but why so expensive ๐Ÿ™
    Also so nice to learn about more etsy Israeli artists.

  2. Neta says:

    Thank you so much for all the compliments, I am living in Florentin neighborhood and there is a great treasures of fabric scraps at the streets every evening when the sewing workshops are been closed.
    It is great to meet you, I will keep follow your blog!
    Thanks again.

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