Bangkok Officials Investigate Israeli Water Technology


For years it has seemed that Israel and Thailand were enjoying a trade agreement that should keep both sides happy: we send Thailand our pushy and notoriously litterbug tourists, and they send us their illegal workers to scrub floors for half price.

But it seems that Israel has something else to offer Thailand in addition to its young, its daredevils, and its midlife crisis suffering thrill seekers–and that something is water technology.

This week, Thai officials have flown to Israel to meet with companies that have technologies that might be used by the Bangkok municipal water system.

Why Bangkok, of all places?

Israel’s commercial attache in Thailand Etty Levy told The Bangkok Post: “Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular, suffers from severe water problems because of a lack of water management tools. The Thais admire Israel’s achievements in water technology and talk about the country as a ‘green desert’ thanks to its drip irrigation and other technologies.”

We guess that means there’s no hard feelings, then, and that the Thai government considers the ravages of Israeli tourists to its beaches only a small price to pay for the benefit of our water technology.

::The Bangkok Post

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