Jerusalem of White


Jerusalem, the Holy City for three religions, is often known as Jerusalem of Gold due to the yellowy-pink stones from which the buildings are cut. Until the winter that is. We’ve had heavy snowfall in the city this past 24 hours covering it in white and leaving schools, businesses and buses at a standstill (check the view from my balcony – left).Israel’s climate has gone a little crazy recently, with an exceptionally mild spell until mid-January, since when temperatures have dropped to a record low. The extent to which this is connected to man-made climate change remains speculation for now. But one thing scientists are more certain of is that the fragile and arid environment in Israel, and many of its neighbours, will be especially vulnerable to the fluctuations in global climate predicted in the future.

:: Professor Alon Tal. Hot Times in the Holy Land: The Effects of Global Climate Change on Israel.:: Ha’aretz. Schools closed, rescue personnel on alert in snowy Jerusalem.

Photo: Michael Green.

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