Hipster Hanukkah latkes, donuts and sfenj!

Hipster Jews celebrating Hanukka

We know that hipsters are well, probably no longer hip. And well, what it is a hipster anymore? The site Hipster Jews is down and over with for years. But Hipster Hanukkah? It just sounds good. And Google-able. And to save time sending my friends links to all the Hanukkah recipes I might use this year, I just compiled them all in this one handy link you can all enjoy too.

No need to scroll through endless stories of my first memories of Hanukkah as I had none. I grew up on Christmas and came to love Hannukah in my mid-20s. Now with most of my friends being Jewish, I need to turn to these recipes every year as a necessity. They never grow old.

Essential Hanukkah recipes created by grandmother cook, Green Prophet writer and herbalist Miriam Kresh:

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