Bimbo robot serves coffee in Dubai

diana robot cafe Dubai

Dubai is opening a new cafe in 2023, Donna Cyber Café, featuring “super-model” Diana, who will serve you coffee with a smile between the valleys of her big bosom. 

She is a clone of Diana Gabdullina, the wife of Rashid Gabdullin who made the robot. He wife won a beauty contest in 2014 and Rashid wants others to experience his wife’s beauty.

With so much that goes wrong in the Middle East in environmentalism (Burj, Dubai for instance), this kind of cafe sets the woman’s movement back to the 60s. Women and girls we want to socially empower, and not sexualise, should not have their brothers, or fathers served by this demented male fantasy.

Diana robot cafe, Dubai

The Diana robot, is a Robo-C2, a humanoid robot that is designed to look like a human being, talk like a human, express emotions and interact with people. 

The developers of Diana believe she will give their businesses a ‘competitive advantage’ and help attract new clients. 

The Donna cafe will be open 24/7 and will include soft-serve ice-cream, a soft drink dispenser and a coffee machine with items being served to customers by Donna’s robotic arms.

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