Swiftdrain develops custom radius drains for removing  power plant waste

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If you live in a city with poor sewage infrastructure, every time it rains, storm sewers dump piles of plastics and oil pollution  onto beaches and waterways.. In the case of city storm sewers no-one and everyone is accountable for the pollution that goes into the sewers from the people driving cars, to the small businesses that work on the streets and throw chemicals and plastic bits into the drain.

Matters are compounded when small businesses rely on drains to handle their waste. Small pottery and ceramic studios need special filters to stop the drains and sewers from clogging. Local mechanics need special containers for recycling oil. But imagine what it takes to handle waste and sewage if you are a major energy supplier and one that needs all the help it can get with meeting pollution and containment goals?

Swiftdrain, a New York-based company that has worked on city projects and with clients like John Deere shared a recent project with us how  they are helping energy companies meet their drainage challenges in a more ecologically-sound way. 

Swiftdrain develops and manufactures trench drain systems for commercial and municipal applications. Their solutions work in concept and practice to help remove, isolate and treat upstream and downstream waste in applications all around the United States. 

Their recent project is removing coal ash waste from Dominion Energy at the Chesterfield Power Station in Chester, Virginia.

The company provided a special system, called a radius trench drain, so that heavy slurry and drier than usual particulates can flow to where it needs to go for recycling, containment or treatment. 

Their drains are designed for fast installation, superior structural integrity and simple maintenance — essential factors for Dominion Energy’s safe, environmentally friendly coal ash removal project.

A dirty job that the right drainage system has got to handle

Earlier this year, the industrial contractor Saiia Construction approached Swiftdrain for help with a large-scale radius trench drain system. The proposed drain is one of the key elements in Saiia’s project with Dominion Energy Virginia, which involves removing 15 million cubic yards of coal ash from the Chesterfield Power Station.

“Saiia Construction approached us early in the design phase for a custom radius drainage system for Dominion Energy,” said Ankit Sehgal, CEO of Swiftdrain. “We are proud to have supported Saiia and Dominion Energy in their coal ash removal efforts at the Chesterfield Power Station and share their commitment to conscious growth and design innovation.”

The project experts expect the removal process to take 13 years; to meet the high-stress industrial project’s demands, Swiftdrain worked closely with Dominion’s engineers to design a strong, durable radius trench drain system.

Considering an industrial coal ash job site’s conditions and traffic levels, Swiftdrain furnished a 6 inch wide radius drain spanning over 140 feet. The drain size can accommodate the expected water flow levels while preventing debris buildup and allowing easy maintenance. Radius couplings, which have a range of up to 3 degrees, provide the necessary design flexibility to fit the site geometry.

Swiftdrain sourced materials and furnished a pre-sloped trench drain that satisfies the project’s environmental goals. The drain components are made from durable, lightweight structural foam HDPE, which features UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration during the extensive coal ash removal project. The entire system can withstand the loads and freeze/thaw cycles at the site.

The project with Saiia Construction and Dominion Energy is only one of Swiftdrain’s recent accomplishments. The company recently furnished fiber-reinforced concrete trench drains for John Deere. It also provided dog kennel drains for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University ,furnished drains for Callaway Golf’s manufacturing facility and supplied hangar drainage for Lake Cumberland Airport. Swiftdrain proudly works with commercial, residential and municipal customers across the United States.

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