Confessions of a circumcised Muslim woman

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In Islam, not all women are against circumcision and there are different degrees. Maybe there is a point of view you have never heard about? Sabrina sends a letter to her best friend in England, talking about the intimate idea behind female circumcision in Islam. Sabrina walks us through what Americans call a hoodectemy.

Dear Lisa,

How are you keeping dear? I hope you and Rolf are settled down in Suffield by now. Keep working on your marriage. Rolf is a wonderful guy and I’m sure he’ll get all intimate with you once things have settled down.

And I have some great news for you, I got circumcised! Remember we were discussing this sometime ago after you shared an article about FGM [female genital mutilation – learn the difference here between FGM and what’s prescribed in Islam] and inquiring if it was true all Muslim girls had it done. Do you remember how I denied it, oh the fuss I made, Muslim girls and women genitally mutilated, no way!

But in hindsight, thank you dear for sharing it. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing they say. As you know I come from a mixed family who did not care too much about religion, and so I decided to ask my hubby about it. And believe me, he said Yes, Muslims do it.

What I yelled “You mean women have no right to their clitorises!”. Aslem tried to calm me, but I went on “Oh great, next thing I know, you’ll want me cut too. Do you know how important the clit is to a woman. You know better, you insist on stimulating it with your tongue all the time before we have sex. And now you tell me a Muslima must be without it, huh!”.

I lost my cool and went on a harangue, but Aslem was so understanding. He told me very frankly yes it’s a must, but that it’s not what I thought it was.  No. then what is it? I shot back. He told me it was a very simple thing really and that even American women were getting it done. It’s just that the foreskin of the clitoris is removed, like in the case of little Muslim boys. Uh ok I said “So why didn’t you tell me about this before, if you are so religious you would have told me on our wedding night!”

Circumcision and Muslim women

What he told me next literally melted my heart. “Look Suby” he said “I wanted you to find out yourself and choose to get it done without any coercion on my part. I passed you some subtle hints though. Now do you know why I told you to wash your clit with soap or toothpaste before having sex, that’s because I wanted it nice and clean down there before we did oral.

“It smells bad when you don’t wash and it turns me off.  Also I know somebody who got throat cancer by indulging too much in oral sex and I read somewhere it’s because some germs, HPV or something, breed in the female foreskin, and when men pleasure their wives clits with their mouths and tongues, it gets to their throats and causes cancer.”

Oh how sweet of him! He never wanted to force me to do anything against my will and I love him for that. So you know what dear, I did my own research, and yes, it is there in Islam. There are so many hadiths (Prophet Muhammad’s -Peace Be On Him- sayings) that mention it and there’s even one statement that clearly says what must be done.

It is to take off the skin covering the clitoris and nothing more, and not all the skin, just the bit around the tip (glans) of the clitoris, and believe it or not, he says it brightens the face of the wife!

Americans call it a hoodectemy

Now you and I know what brightens the face means when becoming intimate with our men, don’t we dear? And imagine my surprise when I learned that classy American ladies were getting it done, not just to make their lady parts look nicer and be cleaner down there, but also to improve their otherwise drab sex lives! They call it hoodectomy over there. We call it sunat.

And so I took the plunge and got it done two weeks ago. I shaved off all the hairs from the lady parts and wore a long Arabic gown somewhat like an abaya after being advised by my sis-in law.

Hubby accompanied me to the clinic called Sunat House and waited in the visiting room, because men are not allowed in. And so there I was waiting for my turn! Oh, how nervous I was, excited too! Believe me there were so many women, including foreign women married to Muslims and little Muslim girls too. There were a few little boys too waiting to be done. 

A nurse called out my name and I quietly walked into the operating room. Imagine me of all people giving my lady parts to the scalpel! I consoled myself with the thought it would look rather pretty after its done, it would please hubby immensely and I would be fulfilling a religious duty as well.  The lady doctor that circumcised me assured me it was going to be painless while two nurses gently took my legs apart so she could administer the local anaesthetic. It hurt a bit though, like a few ants stinging down there all at the same time.

While I was there waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect I was fortunate to see a little boy of about three years being done by the same lady doctor. His parts had already been anesthesized and they were now going to circumcise him. He was held down by the nurses while his mummy was at his head comforting him. Although he muttered a bit he did not cry lustily as I thought he would and within about fifteen minutes it was over with mummy all glad that her little guy was now a man!

And then it was my turn OMG! They restrained my legs with some restraints hanging above while the doctor got to work, and believe it I did not feel a thing despite nearly a centimeter of skin being removed and stitched. Imagine that! The entire procedure took only about 10 minutes. I was helped into hubby’s car by the nurses and we were on our way home. Healing was swift and within a week I was all ready to enjoy sex once again!

labiaplasty Islam

And my, my dear, what an experience it was. I never had it so good. The oral with the entire surface area of the clitoris exposed is absolutely mind-blowing, and even the thrusts in the normal sex act is much more fulfilling now. Yes I enjoy sex much more now, I can proudly tell the world that!

You too must consider this dear Lisa. It’s very costly there I hear, but here you can get it done for less than a 100 dollars. There’s no such thing as a medical mafia here and I’m guessing they’re doing it as a service more than making money out of it.

Why not pay us a visit and get it done over here. Our country is encouraging medical tourism you know, and I’ll be sure to foot the bill- as a friend!

Yours truly,



Reader feedback Sept 15, 2022

A most courageous and informative article on circumcision! I only wish some Christian groups would also open up about being sexual active and interesting in marriage than the media portrays them. There appears to be a world-wide war on morals and religion?? 

Abortion would not be an issue if most men and women only had sex with people with whom they had an established, loving relationship and practiced safe sex.

At a recent protest, pro choice women were chanting and carrying signs—we F–K to cum, not to conceive. So they are hedonistic people who want pleasure without either morality or responsibility—aren’t they special ?? Sorry, being a self centered, irresponsible person ( male or female) is not a legitimate reason to take the chance of having to kill an unwanted baby. 

We require more responsible sex for our pets.

I truly believe that there are extreme circumstances in which abortion may be acceptable, but having almost 3,000 a day in the USA because too many men and women do not either practice safe sex or basic morals is not acceptable. 

Having grown up in a poor neighborhood there were not one, but two brothels literally across the street from our house. Some of my friends, both male and female became “sex workers”. I think I know the difference between sex as part of a loving relationship and cheap, soul sucking sex for $$ or thrills (??). 

So glad that you decided to continue your wonderful mission of furthering peace, understanding and a greener world.

-P, an environmental artist in Texas

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