Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations in France 

Get lost in paradise: Sant’Amanza Beach (Beach Maora), Pietrosella, France

Being cautious and attentive to the environment is extremely important, especially nowadays. So, it should also be the case while traveling, and if you are an eco-activist planning your next trip to France, you should know the best eco-friendly destinations here. Check out the best ones that are both fulfilling and tourism-sustainable! 


The fourth-largest Mediterranean island is a perfect choice if you want your holiday green and healthy! 

It has over 83 thousand hectares of natural reserves, and the surroundings are so clean and expansive that it has earned itself recognition for its natural heritage. Very well preserved, Corsica is the perfect environment for blooming marine life, and some of the areas are declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites! 

The island is perfect for eco-activists and tourists looking to spend time outside. You can go hiking, bike-riding and, of course, outings at the sea! Breathe in the fresh air, breathe out happiness! 

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Greenery everywhere you look – that is what awaits you here in the mountain range of the Cevennes! Set in the Massif Central, the area is known to be an excellent location for you to practice green tourism!

It is mainly known for a national park that spreads across 4.000 km2, with nature perfectly untouched and immaculate, and you will have a great time hiking, horse or donkey riding, and canoeing. But that is not all! When your muscles are sore, and your lungs are full of fresh air, treat yourself to a glass of wine. The locals are very proud of their wine-making heritage, and you will get to try out new, authentic flavors! 


More than just a peninsula – Brittany is a traveler’s dream. Especially one’s that is into all things green and fresh! 

This area has over 20 green stations and 34 blue flag beaches, because of which Brittany was listed among the top 100 most sustainable destinations in the world! 

Here, you get to admire the natural landscapes and take long walks in the parks, forests, and lovely streets. Make sure to visit any of the three national, regional parks and, of course, enjoy the beach! 

Keep in mind that the coastline here is over 1.700 km long, so you will definitely find space for relaxation and alone time if needed! 

Ecrins National Park

Settled at the perfect location between the northern and southern Alps, Ecrins National Park is a greenie’s dream come true! The area is so perfectly preserved it will blow your mind, and you will get to challenge yourself by trying to climb any of the 150 high mountain peeks or getting close to some of the glaciers that are spread over 10.000 hectares. 

If spending your days on a picnic is not for you and you thrive for something inspiring and exciting, try your capacity at GR 54, a mythical, long-distance hiking route initially prepared for sports enthusiasts, who usually take 10 to 15 days to complete it! 


A place given by nature, seemingly designed for people to find calmness, Vercors hits differently if you are practicing ecotourism. 

Set between Valence and Grenoble, the region is a top choice if you wish to disconnect from the rest of the world and find serenity in flora and fauna. You will not be disturbed in any way, as the locals are quiet and calm, and the tourists that come here are usually seeking the same solace. On top of all that, Via Vecros, the first mountain path in France, connecting the villages of the plateau, is forbidden to cars or any type of vehicles, so the silence is on your side!

New Aquitaine

Already priding itself with the seashore, moorland forests, and mountains, the region of New Aquitaine is famous for its greenery and locals that are exceptionally environmentally cautious. It has five regional nature parks and is actually home to the most extensive vineyards in France! 

If you are into biking, you will be happy to know that New Aquitaine is crossed by the Velodysee, the longest waymarked cycle trail! Apart from biking, you can explore the area on foot or by boat, which will give you a different view of the surroundings.

Also, we suggest you make time to head to Dordogne – one of France’s most popular locations for ecotourism. Inspect the countryside, authentic villages, and beautiful, natural scenery! 

As you can see, dear traveler, there are plenty of eco-friendly destinations for you to visit in France! You should probably avoid the more prominent cities, though, as they are sadly way more polluted and not as focused on keeping a safe environment. 

That being said, the smaller regions of France are more eco-aware, so you should have a great, fresh, green time on your trip! 

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