Getting Up Close And Personal With Australia: 5 Ways To Explore Australia 

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Australia is a land of beauty and adventure. Its rich culture, history, and heritage topped with scenic roads, long stretches of white sandy shorelines, sparse deserts, and diverse fauna and flora make it a place to visit at least once in your lifetime. 

If you have plans to visit this beautiful country, naturally sustainable in all it has to offer, we have good news for you. Although Australia covers a vast expanse on the globe, it is easy to navigate. The picturesque driving routes, adventurous tracks, and guided tours offer you the real taste of this gorgeous country. 

Here, we have shared the best five ways to explore Australia sustainably. 

Take guided tours

Australia is a land of culture and history. Every hidden gem in Australia has a story to tell, and what could be a better way to unearth the history than taking guided tours? 

A guided tour in Australia will introduce you to the real side of this country. The guides will take you to the places you never knew existed and share the most interesting and goosebump-inducing history about the Aboriginals. 

Moreover, going for a guided tour will liberate you from the stress of planning the itinerary. 

Walk trails 

Australia is blessed with natural beauty. You will find breathtakingly beautiful views as far as your eyes can see. A great way to witness the true natural beauty of Australia is by taking your own trails. 

Australia has hundreds of national parks with diverse sceneries. Plan a trail traversing the gorgeous coastlines, dense forests, and rugged landscapes of Australia. 

Visit any national park and explore it on foot to witness the real beauty of Australia. 

Romance the roads 

The open roads of Australia can take your breath away. Right from the Great Ocean Road to Nullarbor Plain, Great Alpine Road to The Great Barrier Reef Drive, the country is blessed with some of the most scenic drives. 

The long stretches of roads, both coastal and inland, deserve to be explored at a slow pace, and the best way to do that is by hopping in your car and taking a road trip. 

While travelling from one destination to another, take the road to make your journey worth it. Do not worry about running out of gas or food in the middle of the road trip, as you will find many gas stations and towns to fill your tank and bellies. 

Take a train journey 

Several rail routes in the country traverse spectacular landscapes. Whether it’s The Ghan that passes through the Red Centre or the Indian Pacific that takes you through the Blue Mountains, you will get a chance to see diverse terrains. Plus, the comfortable cabins, good food and drinks, and a host of services will make your overall journey memorable. 

Hop on e-scooters

If exploring the city life of Australia is on your mind, going around on an e-scooter is something you should consider. 

The e-scooter culture in Australia is on the rise. As more and more start-ups are offering these rides across the country, you can easily find one anywhere. These rides are economical, quick, eco-friendly, and provide the best way to explore the modern cities of the country.

The bottom line

Australia has a lot to offer to tourists. Every nook and cranny of the country is adorned with stunning landscapes. So, if you wish to experience every ounce of pleasure Australia has to offer to your touristy soul, explore the country through any of these modes. 

Australia Aboriginal dancers

Australia Aboriginal dancers

We hope you have a great time in this beautiful country of Australia. 


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