10 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

Tesla Model S

From the streets of Montreal to the highways of Tel Aviv, Tesla S is quickly becoming a popular choice for consumers. But an electric car won’t save you from road accidents. Read on about staying safe.

It’s the circle of life; more people equal more drivers, more drivers equal more cars, and more cars, unfortunately, equal more accidents. And while some things are entirely outside of our control while driving, there are ways to keep ourselves and those around us safer on the road. 

Safety Tips that we can all use

We all could use a refresher with some tips and reminders to help keep the roads safe. This is true whether you are a brand new driver who was just licensed or you’ve been driving for 50 years. We all have a responsibility to learn more about driving safety. It’s a good idea to have the contact information for your personal injury attorney ready in case of an accident.

Hands-Free may not be as Safe as You Think

According to the National Safety Council, distracted driving has been a leading cause of traffic accidents in the U.S, and the number one distraction is the cell phone. According to NSC, there is little difference between using hands-free technology and a handheld device from a safety perspective.

The real distraction, it seems, occurs in the brain, not with the hands. So our first three tips are (1) Place the Cell Phone out of sight, (2) Pay attention to the road and surroundings, and (3) Eliminate distractions.

Following The Rules of the Road

Following too closely behind another driver is hazardous for several reasons. Among these, you may not have the ability to see what’s ahead entirely, and if the driver in front of you is forced to stop suddenly, this could lead to an accident. In addition, following too closely may cause you to miss warning signs regarding possible hazards ahead. With this in mind, our following tips are (4) Always maintain a safe distance, (5) Observe the proper speed limit, and (6) Respect the rules of the road.

drifting into crowds saudi arabia

Arab Drifting, Saudi Drifting, or Middle East drifting, known in Arab countries as Tafheet (تفحيط), or Hajwalah (هجولة), is an illegal street racing–like phenomenon believed to have started in the late 1970s that involves trying to “drift” cars. In the process, racers often drive dangerously close to traffic, barriers, and spectators watching from the roadsides without any protection.

Remember to be Prepared

Being prepared for unexpected situations when setting out on a trip is part of being a responsible driver. And while it certainly isn’t possible to be prepared for every issue that may occur, we can take steps beforehand to prepare for the unexpected. This includes things like (7) Always wearing our seatbelt in case of an accident, (8) Plan for emergencies, if you happen to be driving where cell service could be a problem, maybe take a satellite phone. (9) Check the weather forecast before leaving. 

Please, Don’t Drink and Drive

The last tip on our list is a big one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30 people die every day due to drunk driving. These deaths are entirely avoidable as there are other options available. When going out, if you plan to consume alcohol, please select a designated driver beforehand so that everyone can enjoy the evening. 

If a designated driver was not selected beforehand and you have been drinking, please order an Uber or Lyft to ensure everyone arrives home safely. The penalties of driving while impaired can be steep. In most states, drunk drivers are given a suspended license for up to a year, and many states have mandatory jail time for first-time offenders. A drunk driving conviction will remain on the driving record for decades, and in some states, it stays on the driver’s record for the remainder of their life. 

Hopefully, these tips have helped keep you and those around you a little safer on the road.  


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