Ten Cool Home Gadgets You Need in 2022, to Make Your Life Easier 

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Domestic chores never end, even with all the helping hands at the ready. Therefore, if you could get some ‘automatic’ assistance, it should serve to make life for your family, much easier. Here are ten gadgets that should prove useful, especially as they are affordable, and just a one-time investment.

  1. Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner

This gadget is perfect to take over the unpleasant job of frequent toilet cleaning from you! The Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner works on a simple command from your Smartphone/Voice Assistant. Working on electrolyzed water technology, it cleans and deodorizes your toilet. Easy to set up and maintain, with a six-month rechargeable battery, the gadget can also keep track of water use, sense overflows, identify leaks/breakages, and detect other issues. No chemicals come into play. 

  1. Ring Video Doorbell

This splendid doorbell should prove highly useful for identifying visitors to your home. After connecting it with the requisite app, the Ring doorbell’s in-built video will begin recording the features and movements of your visitors. This gadget possesses motion-sensing capacities. You may even direct the video lens towards the busy street (if any) in front of your house. Above all, there is a night-vision camera for filming during dark nights. You may obtain this doorbell at home101.co.uk which sells several other gadgets too. 

  1. Google Nest Protect

A highly advanced smoke alarm system, it works on a battery, or can be hardwired. You may install it wherever you want. The system has night lights too. With the app installed on your Smartphone, you should always be aware of a fast-burning/slow fire, if any. A voice alert informs you about the spread of carbon monoxide or smoke in a particular location of the house. The gadget gives you time to check the situation for yourself, before triggering the siren. You may silence it via a voice command or a mute button. Your gadget has wireless connections with other Protects too.

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  1. Midea Air Conditioner

It is not as noisy, or as greedy for energy (consumes less than 35%), as a traditional AC is. Regardless, it offers several advantages. The easy-to-install gadget has already received certification in 2020, for being energy-efficient, thanks to using something called Inverto Quattro technology. The AC’s U-shape permits easy flow of air, thereby ensuring that you sleep well. Additionally, the cooling effect is rapid, and greatly substantial. Control it through an app (Smartphone), or via voice (Google Assistant/Alexa). 

  1. Lcaoful Smart Combo

The combo is smart in both, looks, and function. It comprises of a 52-inch ceiling fan with three blades, and a spherical-shaped LED light. The light is attached to the central motor. This light is highly energy-efficient. An additional feature is the reversible motor, which helps the fan to work in any direction. Therefore, you may have an updraft in winter, and a downdraft in summer. The compact and silent combo is susceptible to voice control (Alexa, Google Assistant, app on Smartphone).

  1. AirSoap Air Purifier

Keep clean and healthy air circulating within your house/office by installing this aesthetically appealing, portable model, with handles on both sides, in it. The material is sturdy plastic (ABC), with an easy-to-clean, white finish. With the aid of a lone button, the fan can move through auto mode and manual (low, medium, and high). There is even a child lock system in place. Operating on electric wind technology, the air purifier displays a soft hum. Its collecting plates are washable, and ozone emission is low.


  1. Ultraloq UL200 Door Lock

Created from stainless steel, the smart Ultraloq offers the option of several locking mechanisms. You may unlock it in six ways. The traditional way is to use a mechanical key. Another way is to use the Smartphone app. Bluetooth bonds your lock and Smartphone. Wi-Fi is for controlling the lock. The other four ways, include using a pin/password, Magic Shake (shake the phone when near the lock), capacitive fingerprint scanner, and contactless key fob (such as, an RFID tag). Other features are the anti-peep touchscreen and two-factor authentication. The lock welcomes Alexa and Google Assistant too.

  1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Use your voice (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri) or the given app, to control the heating and the air conditioning at your residence. The thermostat adjusts automatically, since it can sense the temperature easily. It has a remote sensor within it. You may switch it on, for adjusting the temperature anywhere and everywhere, in the house. The thermostat works beautifully with wi-fi. Since it is compatible with Alexa, it doubles up as an Alexa speaker. The sound quality is excellent. The look of this product is great, with a glass finish.

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  1. Neabot NoMo Vacuum Cleaner

It is a hands-free, cleaning robot! Use the Neabot Home app to schedule the cleansing timings, the areas to be cleaned, and outline the cleansing strategy. You may use voice control (Google Assistant or Alexa) for monitoring the work from anywhere in the house. The presence of anti-collision sensors and other modern technologies, ensure that Neabot navigates any kind of obstacle intelligently, in a z-shaped pattern. Capable of functioning at three power levels, the vacuum cleaner displays three types of suction – small, regular, or strong. It can deep clean carpets very efficiently too. The highlight is Neabot’s ability to transfer dirt, dust, and debris automatically, into a home canister/lined and sealed dustbin. 

  1. MeshForce M3 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

True, it is more expensive than a traditional router. However, the advantage is having a single system cover the entire house, especially if it is a large residence. According to the manufacturer, the coverage of wi-fi can extend anywhere between 3,000-4,000 sq. ft. Regardless, it would still be good to opt for a suitable placement with the help of the company’s Smartphone app. This way, every part of your house will be able to access the Internet 24 x 7, and with speed. The dual band wi-fi aids in connecting six dots. Best of all, the router is small, and thereby, portable.

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