Staying at an Eco-lodge in Myanmar

arkan eco lodge myanmar

Arkan eco lodge, Myanmar. Getting there requires a visa

When planning a trip to Myanmar, you should consider your accommodation choices carefully. 

To get a Myanmar visa for US citizens, you need to provide information about your first few nights’ lodging. That’s not all, for the visa to be approved your accommodation must be a registered hotel, inn, or guest house. You can’t add a private address to your application form, ruling out homestays. 

Also, camping in Myanmar is not permitted. However, that does not stop you from being in touch with nature. 

Lodges in Myanmar are the perfect choice if you want to enjoy an eco-friendly vacation and enjoy the spectacular landscape the country has to offer.

Here we explain what you can expect from an eco-lodge in Myanmar and some of the best options for your stay.

What Is an Eco-Lodge?

An eco-lodge is a type of rural accommodation surrounded by nature. They usually accommodate just a few guests with a small number of rooms. 

As the name suggests, eco-lodges are designed to have minimal impact on the environment. They are sustainable and make efficient use of natural resources.

Not only are they kind to the environment, but they also benefit the community by using local suppliers.

An eco-lodge also has many benefits for you, the traveler. Not only will you make a positive contribution to the local area, but you’ll also enjoy a remote setting away from the noise, hustle and bustle, and pollution of towns and cities. 

If you’ve previously stayed in a green hotel, this could be your next step. Eco-lodges are similar, but you’ll be more immersed in nature.

Eco-Lodges in Myanmar

With many tourists becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they have on their destination, the demand for eco-accommodation is growing. There are now several eco-lodges throughout Myanmar, offering travelers a relaxing and inspiring stay.

Arakan Nature Lodge

Arakan Nature Lodge is situated close to Nyaung Chaung village and Zikhone villages, part of the Gwo township. It is set in lush, green surroundings and yet just a stone’s throw from the beach. A stunning place to stay in Myanmar.

Arakan offers 8 beach houses and a garden house with 2 rooms. The lodges are built using sustainable materials. Recycled wood and coconut wood are the primary materials. Recycled ironwood is also used for the traditional stilts that each house sits on.

Other environmentally-friendly features include solar panels, luxury composting toilets, and efficient waste management.

At Arakan eco-lodge you can enjoy a range of activities including snorkeling, forest walks, cycling, and village visits. 

A Little Eco Lodge

Close to Inle Lake, you’ll find A Little Eco Lodge. This accommodation is located conveniently close to Nyaung Shwe, yet far enough away to offer a tranquil setting. The eco-lodge is surrounded by nature and is perfect for exploring the stunning Inle Lake area. 

Home-grown food is served to guests at the Tree House Restaurant during the day. Dishes are created based on the fruit and vegetables currently in season. 

The lodges and treehouses are built using sustainable sources and natural materials yet at the same time designed to be cozy and comfortable. Water is heated using solar panels.

It’s a family-run business and, as a guest, you’ll get an insight into local community life. You can also borrow a bicycle, go trekking with a guide, or enjoy a massage during your environmentally friendly stay.

Oliver’s Laguna Eco Lodge

This eco-lodge is on Ngapali Main Road Beach Front with access to the sand and sea. The lodge stands in contrast to more luxurious hotels in the area, offering a simpler and more relaxing stay.

Oliver’s Laguna Eco Lodge stands out for the activities on offer. Guests can enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, and snorkeling. There are also various walking and bike tours on offer. 

Tips for Booking Accommodation

These are just some of the eco-lodges available in Myanmar. There are more environmentally friendly options in other areas of the country. Here are a few things to keep in mind when reserving your accommodation in Myanmar:

  • Confirm the hotel/lodge is registered in order to get your visa
  • Check whether you need to take your own towels or bedding
  • Ask whether there are dining facilities and where you can shop for essentials
  • Plan how you will get to the accommodation, lodges are often in isolated areas
  • If traveling with children, check the lodge is suitable for kids and has everything you need

Eco-lodges offer the chance to enjoy a responsible and sustainable vacation in Myanmar. By participating in ecotourism, you can minimize your impact on the environment and have a positive impact on the local community.

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