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CBD of cannabidiol is one of dozens of healing molecules found in the cannabis plant. We know the marijuana plant for its psychotropic effects of getting high, but that’s another molecule altogether, known as THC. 

With shifting cannabis laws and a choice to not play with one’s sanity or mind during working hours, a number of people have found that just the CBD from the cannabis plant can help with a night’s sleep, reduce period pain, calm anxiety and back inflammation. It offers a whole host of therapeutic effects that mainstream companies that produce water and cola are even trying to find ways to extract it and add it to beverages and food. 

If growing and using cannabis is legal in your state or country, like Canada, you can simply order seeds online, choosing a variety of cannabis that is known to be bred with little THC and a lot of CBD and from there you can go into the decision to create oil from the plant. It can be an important part of the therapeutic process, rearing those cannabis plants and extracting the oil, but it’s time consuming and definitely requires know-how possibly beyond a few YouTube videos. Start your search with the best CBD websites online if you are ready to skip ahead of the growing process.  

What to look for when buying CBD of any natural remedy online

Cost point

Anyone can open a CBD oil shop these days because there is little regulation in the business. There are multiple ways and processes for extracting CBD from the plant. Some processes are more costly because they use “cleaner” methods that may pull out more material from the plant. Some CBD oils may be highly diluted with a carrier agent. Speak to a friend who is in the know and see what works for her. Try to find something that fits your budget and try it out. Consider that if it works for you the cost you paid will be a recurring price –– so be sure it’s something you can afford. 

Types of CBD

CBD can come in endless packaging but at the end of the day it’s still the same molecule. You can find it in oil drops, gummies, capsules, brownies, vape liquids, CBD drops. Again the speed at which it enters your system can be affected by the carriers that come with your CBD so start by trying it in a way that makes sense to you. 

Look to the source

Before you buy from any website, dig around a little bit on Google. Do they have good reviews? Do they have socials and an updated Instagram and Facebook page? Products must be tested in a lab that is trusted and which as authority and should be a place you can find on the internet –– and even call if you have concerns. 

Just because cannabis is not yet a widely accepted medicine in pharmacies doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated seriously like any other medicine. Go to a reliable source, with well tested products that are available in multiple formats for you to try. 

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