Tips for Choosing the Best Photo Book for Your Wedding

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You’ve made a modest green wedding. Now time to show off your photos in a once in a lifetime book.

The wedding is a time to exchange love vows, make merry, and bond with your loved ones. It is also a time to take quality pictures for a memorable experience.  Your elegant photos need a place to call home. Creating photo books keeps your photos in a safe and secure location for many years. Weddings happen once, and it is vital to document those precious moments. Here are some tips for creating the best photo book for your wedding.

Pick your best shots

Your wedding photo book is a special reference to and an emotional reminder of the one of the biggest days of your life. Pick those photos that you would like to see every day. These will be a collection of your favorites; memories that you would not mind seeing every so often. Have the most special photos in the first few pages as a constant reminder of the events that graced your big day.

Think about your photo book layout

The layout of your wedding photos should send the right message to the audience. With advancements in technology and the digital media explosion, you can use several tricks in the layout of your photo book. Visualize everything and let every eye-catching photo have its page.

The layout of your album matters, and sometimes that means having two or three photos per page. The photo design determines whether you will apply a vertical or horizontal spread.

Consider the chronology of events

It can appear awkward to have sunset photos before the bridal portraits or the vow and ring exchange. A wedding is an itinerary event, and your wedding photo book should capture the events in their chronological order from the beginning to the end.

Therefore have the wedding ceremony shots before the reception photos. Sometimes, however,  you may opt to bring a stunning photo from later events in front as a teaser to your audience.

Think of your wedding photo book as a magazine made of different pages or spreads. Let the events flow, allowing for subsequent photos to relate to previous ones. It should be like a poem or a story that directs the reader to a climax.

Choose a color that matches the wedding theme

Your wedding photo book should match the wedding theme. Therefore you should choose a suitable color. Also, it would not harm having different colors, and there is no rule against picking black and white backgrounds.

If the wedding was colorful, then the photos can be in different colors. If it was classic, then you might try to intermix bright photos with softer images.

Have a favorite folder

Pick key photos and let them be the highlight of your photo book. For instance, the walking down the aisle, ring and vows exchange, and the “kiss-your-bride” moment are must-have photos. It is essential to ensure that your wedding photo book has all these images and stores them in your favorites section.

If your wedding day is around the corner, do not wait until the last minute to order your photo book. Send your best shots to MixBook and allow the team of multi-talented photographers to draft your dream photo book.

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