Cloud storage is revolutionizing the gaming and business world

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Cloud computing is a recent phenomenon, but it is one that is taking the current digital world by storm. It is a form of technology that uses the internet and remote servers to manage data applications. Plus, it is a platform that gives consumers and businesses access to applications without installation as well as their files from any computer with an internet connection. With this kind of technology under its belt, cloud storage is a true game changer.

How cloud storage benefits gamers

Cloud storage benefits many businesses and consumers, but gamers, in particular, have a lot to thank cloud storage for. The cloud is a simple and easy way for gamers to store their games in a reliable fashion and in a way that makes the saved games accessible anywhere.

Cloud also boosts the processing power of consoles with, for example, the Xbox One being backed by 300,000 cloud servers. For those that are more used to playing online games, the cloud also enables you to save your progress and access your favourite site without having to scroll through the whole of Google to find it again on any computer with internet access.

How does cloud actually work?

It’s a simple concept really, but by using an internet service connection, cloud storage enables users to access and download data on any device, whether that be laptops, tablets or smartphones. With the cloud storage facility, users can edit documents at the same time as other users, allowing users to access work on any file, anywhere.

This is a major positive for companies as they now have the opportunity to access anything from apps to storage through a cloud service provider rather than purchasing extremely expensive computing infrastructure or data centers. As such, businesses avoid higher costs as well as the complexity of both owning and operating their own IT infrastructure, making their business much more efficient.

Why is cloud computing different to everything else?

It’s simple; the service is managed for you and provided by someone. You have nothing to worry about in terms of virus attacks that may hamper your computer or corrupt the files you create as this is out of your worrying hands. The difficult task of providing a computing service that is dependable is no longer your responsibility.

Basically, the services are on your demand whenever you need or want them. Users can even “pay as you use” or take a month or yearly subscription out. It’s exactly the same transaction as though you were paying the electricity bill.

More importantly, cloud computing allows us to choose whether we want the settings to be private or public. Public clouds such as Google services, offer email and other free services, encompassed in one platform.

All in all, cloud computing is changing the way in which data is stored. The setup and installation as well as the maintenance cost is much lower than if you were building a system yourself. Add to that the fact that you can scale up or scale down at short notice and there is a freedom to pay only for what you use, cloud computing is hitting the nail on the head. Cloud computing even helps the environment with a lower emission of carbon due to many users efficiently sharing large systems together. It truly is a technological work of art.

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