Upcycled oranges are used for CBD in Japan

CBD is a molecule that’s not only found in cannabis and hemp oil. Japanese researchers squeeze it from oranges too.

It takes a plague to figure out where we are putting our fears, our stress, or biggest worries. No doubt then that cannabis companies and those selling THC and CBD extracts –– the molecules or vitamins in medical marijuana –– are seeing a boon

It’s a historic moment for countries where cannabis is legal, like in the United States, Canada and Israel. But still, there are some places where the law is grey, like in about half of the states in the US, where CBD may be okay, but THC the molecule that comes with a high –– is definitely not. 

To steer clear 100% from all the legal issues, and potentially avoid trouble with drug testing at work, more and more people around the world are becoming hip to using CBD sourced from hemp plants, related to the cannabis plant. CBD oil sourced from hemp and hopefully organic hemp contains 0% THC the active material that makes you high. But all in all, CBD on its own has shown benefits, expressed by people, that it makes you feel calmer, it can help with stress, helps with sleep, and relaxes muscles. 

Cannabis supporters are all in favor of non-Ambien solutions to help us de-stress and alternatives to the nasty addictive pharmaceutical industry are very much sought out to relieve pain and anxiety. Clinical trials are now underway in hundreds of indications to show how cannabis oil, or products like a CBD tincture can give an important benefit, in a way that is more harmonious to supporting a healthy body. 

Some of the earliest evidence we see beyond anecdotal papers that CBD helps children with epilepsy was started with the work of Dr. Alan Shackelford in Colorado. And we see today parents flocking to his state to get the needed treatment for their children too.

In countries where rules are black and white about CBD and any potential “contamination” with THC no matter how low, one Japanese company says it can now produce CBD oil using orange peels.  The company Hiro International presented its solution at the Cosme Tokyo cosmetics trade fair and hopes to sell its products in cosmetics. 

Could CBD be an organic botox?

Hiro International claims that the product they are making contains exactly the same active ingredient as that extracted from hemp plants. The only difference is that the oil certainly and 100% contains no THC. This fact would otherwise need to be tested in a lab, and clearly this is a concern in Japan where they have no tolerance for marijuana products. 

You can find CBD oil and products all over Japan, but if you get caught with trace amounts of THC, you might end up in a Japanese prison. This is one of the reasons why Japanese are slow to consume CBD like the rest of the western world. 

“Some companies have run into huge problems because THC has been detected in their products,” Ryousuke Koseki, spokesman for Hiro says in a press announcement. “Many companies are now concerned and consumers are confused.”

Orange CBD offers customers the same active ingredient, the same effect and there are no legal concerns, Koseki claims: “With Orange CBD, you get the same ingredient, same effects and there’s no danger in terms of legality. It also provides a different story of CBD for the consumer that sounds better than being derived from the marijuana plant.”

The company has already developed a few prototypes including a lip balm, a hair product, and a make-up remover using the oil. The company’s main activities are the importing of fruit and fruit juice to Japan. 

Other beauty products trending in Japan? Banana extract, horse placenta extract (what?) and bean extract for nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes. They discovered the CBD in orange peels imported from the US. The peels are normally thrown out. Green Prophets everywhere will be happy to see them put to a new use. I think for now though that if given a choice between a company that deals with horse placentas, I might just buy my CBD from the hemp industry, thank you very much.

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