Finding comfort and love in a plague

love plague, painting by magritte

Love is a minefield in good times. In bad times, love might make a bit more sense. It’s like that life raft that the universe sends to us, to give us hope and meaning. To help us navigate the next chapter of our lives, alone or with a spiritual partner?

There are all sorts of creative ways to find love in times of darkness. If you have been following Green Prophet for a while you will know that there is a quiet movement of people, connected or disconnected to each other; either way, they are finding love in nature, with trees, river stones, in the water, from the things that made us. They are self-loving out in nature, should we say, not to be confused with an ecosexual, who makes sure to improve or remove all the products that surround our reproductive health and love life, like foregoing the birth control pill, and choosing bamboo mattresses and paint that is toxin-free.

Unless you live in corona “light” countries such as Israel, New Zealand, or Australia, you might not be meeting much love soon. Until the virus has subsided virtual love might be the way that those of us not yet united or disconnected by countries and distance, might have to make do.

Some virtual ideas for love

Back when our grandparents were young, there were no Facebook or free long-distance calls on Whatsapp or Facetime. There wasn’t even Skype. The love birds of the past used to handwrite notes and wait days, sometimes weeks for a reply. When I was a kid I secretly hoped that the boy I loved, who did not see to return the affection, had sent me a letter in the mail and that when I was 30 it would come back to me and we would find each other and all would be right in the world.

A-Zoom yoga class? Find a yoga class online in a group or ask for a private session with a teacher you both love and Zoom into some asanas.  This is an intimate way of sharing some time, quality time not dozing off, or chewing on cornflakes. And how many more intimate wine meetings can you have? The coronavirus will be letting down soon and you both need to get in shape.

Knit your love a sweater. What says I love you more than something handmade and which takes time to knit? Put your love into every knit and pearl, and if you are like me listen to the podcast Modern Love to add a little more love into the weave.

Bake some biscotti and mail them to your love. Baked goods like biscotti keep well over time. I once wrote a story about an artist in New Mexico and she baked me biscotti and sent them in a box to Canada as a way to say thank you. Or try to make some delicious tehina cookies, you can make them in the shape of a heart. Feeling the love from something in something they made by hand is way more precious than just getting something shipped from the Amazon warehouse. Love comes in many forms and in many ways. I hope you find your true love, which might just be the path to yourself.

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