Growing THC to match your mind, mood and disorder 

passing the thc joint cannabis two hands It’s been going on since our parents and grandparents started growing weed in the 1970s. How can you grow a strain that helps relieve your pain, anxiety, PTSD and other medical condition while matching or enhancing your state of mind? Since cannabis was discovered in Jazz clubs last century it has been demonized as the Devil’s Weed despite clinical research in sleep, cancer pain, and trauma stress that proves otherwise. 

Or maybe you have heard about the story of Charlotte, a little girl from the United States that had epilepsy and was practically symptom free after the Colorado physician Dr. Alan Shackleford prescribed her cannabis with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC? The Stanley Brothers went on to build a huge business in CBD on that. In speaking with me over the years Dr. Shackleford has said that small amounts of THC may be important in the treatment of health conditions that cannabis helps, so the CBD alone supplements are probably not worth your while. 

How to reduce THC in your urine

So if you happen to live in a US state (sorry, I am a Canadian and we now don’t worry about this!) and you are self-medicating with cannabis it may be important to know about drug testing and what can happen if your employer demands you take one. It’s easy to get caught by employer on a random drug test. Learn how to speed up detoxification process on websites like While you may get a cannabis prescription that can remain off the record and which you can take to a legal dispensary there may be other personal reasons why you don’t want a trail of your medical marijuana use. Maybe you are a police officer, work in the army, are a professional athlete or a teacher? For some it’s deeply personal and private and for others they may wonder what other authorities such as the DMV might do with this information. 

You can search on Google for ways to eliminate THC from your bloodstream but if you are a heavy user it can take up to 77 days for it to pass completely. The website above offers some tips on approaches you can to metabolize cannabis faster (no, not water), but exercise and other tricks like eating pectin. 

We can’t vouch for any of these, nor can we say break the law, but honestly cannabis use has become so important — too important not to consider now that pain drugs are a number one killer of young people in the United States and Canada. My neighbor died of an overdose and she was only 27, with two kids. It’s so dumb that cannabis is illegal in the United States. Land of the free. 

We completely advocate for growing your own, and growing your own cannabis to get the desirable THC effects. And we can say this as a Canadian. You can get strains from friends if you love a plant that they grow, and also all sorts of online shops from Canada and Holland can send you seeds in the mail, usually in unmarked bags with no problems. 

And if you are really wild about the molecules inside the cannabis plant and how they match our endocannabinoid system, know that a new mind-bending molecule has been isolated and it’s from a sativa plant and it’s been called THCP. There is another called CBDP. See Leafly for more

When I interviewed Raphael Mechoulam more than a decade ago, he told me that he thinks there are about 80 or more useful cannabinoid molecules; and that he was the first in the world to isolate the main ones –– CBD and THC. His research, starting with a bag of hash in the 60s, has gone on to fuel an entire live of empirical research that may prove once and for all that urine tests are not fair and that cannabis is not a drug, not a bad one anyway. 

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