Amazing Advancements In Technology That Promotes A Greener Way Of Life

sand babel 3d-printed

3D printed tower made from sand

Climate change is not new, however, recently it has been getting even more intense. The abrupt changes in the weather, melting of the poles, the forests that are set on fire, and so many things are an indicator that our planet will die if we do not strive to save it. This is why there have been a lot of inventions that have been presented to the public that can reduce climate change and gradually fix it. 

Digital Reading

Now that we are living in the digital age, it is time that we stop cutting down trees to make paper out of them. There are many schools and offices now that have stopped printing paper, all their work is through electronic devices now. There are even many inventions like eBooks, where readers can curl up and read their favorite book from a device rather than a book filled with paper that came from a dead tree.

kindle e reader amazon

Smart Houses

The three-dimensional printing technology has transformed our knowledge about construction. A lot of people haven’t heard of 3d printing homes machinery and that these machines form and print actual houses, as long as it has the correct design and structure. This means that we will no longer need or use wood, bricks, and sand, and that we will get rid of air and noise pollution. It doesn’t take a lot of time to print these houses, it uses less material, and the material it uses is very durable.

3d strategy

A 3D printed villa rendering in Dubai

Solar Roof Tiles

Remember when you saw blue screens on a building and wondered what they were? These are known as solar roof tiles; they generate electricity, which means you won’t be relying only on power consumption. This is a good thing for our planet because it means we won’t be relying on the burning of coal and fossil fuels to create this kind of electricity, especially that they produce a ridiculous amount of CO2 into the atmosphere that contributes to the deterioration of the environment. 

Living Wall

Solar tiles have been around for some time now, but now people have been considering the living wall. This wall, also known as the roof garden, is filled with different kinds of plants that produce O2 into the atmosphere. It is also responsible for absorbing CO2, heat, and rainwater while providing insulation and preserving electricity. It might not be popular now, but we might spot roof gardens in the near future. 

In the past, people have had many concerns about the advancements of technologies, since they believed that technology will end the human race at some point. This is ironic since, in this day and age, technology is one of the main tools that can help us save our planet from our own destruction. Now, there are many inventions like solar roof tiles, printed houses, living walls, and devices that we can read from instead of killing trees. If you would like to participate in saving our planet, you can consider any of these options and adopt it into your personal life. 

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