Eco-Tourism in Chiang Mai

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Thailand is breathtaking for anyone, but for people from the Middle East it is an obvious and a close playground. Hear Hebrew and Arabic everywhere and touch down at this lesser explored part of the country’s paradise – Chiang Mai

The steep northern parts of Thailand are vast wild settlers, an ancient culture that is hidden, beautiful, and rare in nature. However, as the region is becoming more open to tourism, it is necessary to consider the location and environment as well.

Elephant Nature Park

Wildlife Sanctuary based in the suburbs of Bangkok to Chiang Mai. With new branches operating in Phuket and Koh Samui, it is home to many happy and cheerful elephants. Those have been saved from a previous captive life in the logging or tourism sector. The center’s specialized staff inform visitors about less-known disputes regarding the use and care of the most-respected real animals while offering the opportunity to contact elephants living in their natural environment, including in the bathroom, the game and, of course, a lot of food!

  • Tips: Good to travel with family and friends. Can shoot photos.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon national park has the highest peak in Thailand, numerous waterfalls and vast areas of wildlife. Currently, this area is a production area full of fishing laboratories, breeding, and reproduction of plants, rice fields and vegetable gardens, which tourists can visit between visits to hidden waterfalls and, of course, above the iconic peak.

Historical Significance of the place:

In 1969, the park attracted the attention of the king who died when deforestation, poverty and opium production increased in this area. To strengthen the local community, Raja Bhumibol Adulyadej founded the King’s Doi Inthanon project, which allowed tribes to develop commercial farming as an alternative to opium, offering them modern agricultural techniques and equipment needed to ensure their sustainable development.

  • Tips: Historic and scenic. Good to travel with family and friends. Can shoot photos.

Mae Kampong

This rural village comprises about 300 people is the first “model home” community in Thailand. Many residents offer tourist accommodation in their homes to learn about their lifestyle and culture. The city first earned its living by producing mieng, a local delicacy made from fermented tea leaves. When the demand for products decreases over time, locals appreciate the extraordinary nature and unique culture. Residents begin to manage ecotourism communities that guarantee sustainable development in the region, as well as their cultural integrity, for the benefit of the villagers and visitors.

  • Tips: Good to travel with young and adventurous friends.

Ban Mae Chan Tai Agro-tourism Centre

Ban Mae Chan Tai Agro-tourism Centre is known for its widespread Coffee plantation. As the plantations are run by young members of the local Akha Hill tribe, they coordinate with tourists in a very enthusiastic manner. They produce Akha Ama coffee, which has raised the standard of living in the area from the very beginning. Visitors can take part in the unique offer of the center, “Coffee Trip”, for about a couple of days trip to the Akha region, culture, rituals, and tradition.

  • Tips: Good to travel with friends. Don’t carry heavy luggage here.

Jim Thompson farms

Jim Thompson plantation showcases nature and culture in a fantastic manner. The farm with a touch of mystery and intrigue is a beautiful and family-friendly ecological attraction in Nakhon Ratchasima. Silkworms and looms are not everything you see here. There’s even more to this land. This huge and wide-open farm has a vegetable garden and organic materials where you can collect fresh produce yourself, giant pumpkin fields, mazes, and many others.

Well known anecdote of the place:

A well known Jim Thompson, a Thai-American silk expert who disappeared without a trace when he wandered to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. This park tells the story of Mr. Thompson and provides information on a good production of Thai silk.

  • Tips: Good to travel with friends. Don’t carry heavy luggage here.

Bottom line

Thailand is already lying amidst all greens. Nature is in Thailand and Thailand is in Nature. Even modern resorts and cafes are having natural waterfalls, caves, and trees in them. With the immense presence of nature, Thailand invites you for eco-tour.

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