These Nature-Approved Home Designs Will Amaze You

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What are some of the top priorities for your dream home? Maybe you’ve long yearned for a cheerful sun room, with beautiful made to measure blinds and big, bright windows. Maybe it’s heated floors in the bathroom. Or a secret hideaway at the bottom of the garden, perfect for escaping the summer heat.

Whatever your ambitions, it’s important to remember dream homes do exist. And they’re not created by magic. They’re made out brick and earth, as well as hearty amounts of grit and determination. So, if you’ve got a dream and a plan, why not find out where it can take you?

It’s what the owners of these incredible nature inspired homes did and, would you take a look at what they’ve managed to achieve!

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse in Dalat, Vietnam, was built to resemble the trunk of a giant tree. Affectionately dubbed ‘the Crazy House’ by locals, it is open to the public as a small hotel. It contains ten rooms, each with its own special theme. As the shape of its twisted and uniquely curved outer wall suggests, the building is full of unusual nooks, crannies and hiding spots.

Monsanto Houses, Portugal

Portugal’s Monsanto village is an architectural wonder; living proof humans can create and build without destroying precious natural features. In this tiny village – which has remained mostly unchanged for centuries – homes have been built around, between, alongside, underneath and even inside gigantic granite boulders. The boulders were there first. So, the people of Monsanto, naturally, incorporated them into their houses.

Eliphante Art House, Arizona

If you’re ever in Arizona, you might want to take a trip to the legendary Eliphante Art House. It is so called because its entrance – a dark tunnel which leads to a breathtakingly inventive series of sculptural and mosaic rooms – is shaped like an elephant’s trunk. Artist Michael Kahn and his wife began construction on the unusual house all the way back in 1979. It took the pair a total of twenty eight years to finish! The end result is a building which, from the outside, marries flawlessly with its environment.

Cappadocia Rock Houses, Turkey

cappadoccia cave houses in Turkey

High up in the arid hills of Turkey, you’ll find the majestic region of Cappadocia. Millennia ago, volcanic eruptions blanketed the area with a thick coating of ash. This ash would later solidify solidified and turn into soft rock that’s perfect for carving. Since then, locals have tunnelled directly into the rock to create labyrinthine houses, mansions, monasteries and more. Can you believe there are underground buildings here which rise to eight storeys? Unsurprisingly, the region is popular with visitors who flock to Cappadocia to marvel at its subterranean settlements.

Why ‘Dream’ Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Impossible Home!

There’s no denying it takes a great deal of skill and dedication to build a dream home. Yet, people do it all the time, often starting from a place of scant knowledge and experience. Perhaps the biggest challenge is time. It took the owners of the Eliphante Art House almost thirty years to realise their vision. If you want to build a dream home, you’ve got to be in it for the long haul.

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