Students around the globe will walk out of school Friday to protest for the planet

Arab role in climate change

Tomorrow, March 15, youth across the globe will leave their schools to strike to draw attention to climate change. The roots of these strikes trace back to Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old from Sweden who sat outside the Swedish parliament almost every Friday since last August in the hope politicians would enact laws and policies to bring her country into line with the Paris climate agreement.  Concern over climate change is urgent and admirable, but question remains if it is possible to adopt habits and policies that also provide for sustained growth and prosperity while healing our planet?

greta thunberg global walkout protest

According to Mike Berners-Lee (the younger brother of Tim, founder of the www), “The challenges humanity faces today are inescapably global and linked together. It no longer works to look at environmental issues one at a time or to keep  science, economics, sociology, politics and psychology separate from one another.

“Indeed, to be sustainable and successful we must address issues relating to energy, global population and food supply, biodiversity, our use of plastics, recycling, antibiotics and their ubiquity in our food supply, in addition to climate change, global trade and economies.”

Berners-Lee offers ideas and strategies for address these issue in a new book, THERE IS NO PLANET B:  A Handbook for the Make or Break Years.  To speak with Berners-Lee and explore strategies for saving this planet without breaking global economies and sustaining growth, contact me at the info that follows.

“What is amazing and unique about this wonderful book is that it simultaneously addresses the practical every day questions troubling so many of us in these turbulent times while also clearing away the fog obscuring our paths into the future. And it does so in beautifully clear language. This truly is ‘The Handbook’ we all need to flourish on our small planet.”

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