Organic Muslim prayer mat inspires us to get closer to The One

We think it’s always good to give attention to an important cause, like finding more sustainable ways to help us at prayer. See our story on the sustainable prayer mat that is taking over the internet! And of course something is more sustainable if there is simply fewer or less of the thing, but we love the simpler, more natural approach — buying products made with wholesome materials and made with love.

The young designers of Rahatnook are offering an organic prayer mat, one that they refer to as their “space of silence”, both spatial and spiritual. “It stands for the time we deliberately take for our daily prayers to immerse ourselves into “another world,” designers of Rahatnook say.

“In pursuit of rahat we are passionate about finding the best, ethically sourced and fair traded natural materials to create timeless and functional products for a muslim’s everyday use. To us, thoughtfulness and sustainability plays an important part in worshiping the One, and by honouring the raw materials He provided us with, we intend to make products that are made to last.

“A daily commodity such as the prayer rug, which symbolises the outer boundary between daily life and meditation, should convey the same naturalness and timelessness as prayer. Our Rahatnook is made to embody the realm of tranquility and peace that we enter inwardly while experiencing contemplation and spirituality.

“Rahatnook was born from the desire to establish naturalness and organic consciousness within every corner of our everyday lives. By doing so, we wish to offer muslims a pleasant framework for their daily ibadah in accordance with our principles: a natural, sustainable and fair approach dealing with our environment and our fellow human beings.

“With a focus on organic materials, we do not compromise on quality, fair manufacturing and sustainability, and the timeless classic design of our products owns up to our deliberate rejection of unnecessary mass consumption.”

We can say Amen to that.

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